Local Call of Duty players show their ugly side 

Gavin Mannion
April 7, 2014 at 7:45 am

Which troll are you?

I’ve previously written about the seedy underbelly of the local DOTA 2 community, which includes hatred, disdain and racism. We’ve always known it wasn’t unique in that regard, but seeing as it’s possibly the largest community it does dominate the news.

However this weekend I was also involved in, and made aware of, another despicable side of the industry and that’s within our local Call of Duty gamers. The first incident comes from a local twitter user, @SuspiciousZA.

To keep those in the loop he is referring to the RiZe debacle where they included two non local players in the local COD qualifiers.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think what RiZe did was disgusting and they should shut down their clan and move on for the betterment of all. But sinking down to racist jabs and refusing to apologise when it is pointed out is definitely worse.  Not to mention he then goes on to threaten people with his lawyers and a whole bunch of other nonsense.

Next up I was doing some recordings of the new maps in the Devastation DLC when, after a particularly useless game for me against better opposition, I received the following voice message. Warning the kid uses some pretty bad language.

So while I was doing the editing on the rest of the videos I found the guy on Twitter and the conversation was quite hilarious, if you have the time to read through after removing your brain.

Click on the time link to see the conversation.

Now the video is enough proof to get Albert kicked from Xbox Live but I’m hoping a bit of public naming and shaming may have a better effect.

He’s never going to admit it but let’s see if he thinks twice before sending childish abuse out after losing a game, especially broadcasting it to all opposition players. I don’t have the concentration span to camp, also it’s boring as hell, which I guess is why I suck so badly at Call of Duty.

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  • Devourer of Small Bunnies

    Snotty little fuck.

  • http://mybroadband.co.za/news/author/jan-vermeulen Jan Vermeulen

    But being offended is a choice, Gavin. :trollface:

  • bokka1

    Why would you want to get in a CoD Kiddy fight? Nevertheless, I still found it to be highly entertaining, there are a few golden comments there. This is why I love gaming: “your a fucking father of 2 you still play cod omg your wife probably doesn’t love you unless you pay her or make her drunk”

    Why do you want him to get banned? We used to play like that the whole time a few years back and the bad mouthing from the kiddies kept it entertaining.

  • Charl van der Merwe

    Hahaha, its Call of Duty.nuff said

  • Happy Hamster

    This comes to mind

  • Fearl

    OMS, this is pathetic, to write an article about something that happens every time you play ANY FPS Shooter online, or even if you go to a LAN for that matter. Grow a pair and suck it up