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Experience a game of Evolve from all 5 sides

Extras! 24 April 2014

Extras! 24 April 2014

Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed! Do you know what a showrunner is? No, it’s not the guy that runs around for the bigwigs on a TV show. Just the opposite [continue @ themovies]

In Other News – 24 April 2014

You'll never believe it, but you guys might actually be getting your shirts soon. That's right, I'm in possession of the shirts, and will hopefully be sending the out amidst all the public holidays. No 6 month wait time for you guys - this is what happens when a woman is in charge. Well, at least that's what I'll keep telling myself.

Epic’s new game to “push next generation graphics”

Epic Games and its engine are well known for pushing the boundaries of computer graphics and other similar, meaningless hyperbole. Fawning aside, their engine is great and they make great games. Their next game, they say, will “push next generation graphics.”

Gaming in Color comes out of the closet

Gamers come in all shapes, sizes and orientations. If people didn't already know that, they've obviously been living in a cave or closet somewhere. A community of gay gamers have made a movie and it's finally ready for your eyes.

Metacritic scores matter, kind of

As one who reviews games, it's nice to believe that those reviews matter. Before I wrote reviews, I read them, and I can remember specific instances when reviews prompted me to buy or pass on certain games. But just how important are those scores for purchasing patterns?

Indie Zoe: Raider of the Lost News (24 April 2014)

Is it really Thursday already? These shortened weeks are messing with me, and we still have a bunch of them coming. Why do we even bother with April in this country - it feels like we only go to work for a few days in the whole month. Still, the weekend is almost upon us, and you need some indie gaming news.

Think you’re good at Hearthstone? Prove it

So my latest addiction is Blizzard's new card game, Hearthstone, and while I’m pretty useless at it I love how Blizzard handles the rankings so I am at least given a chance while I sit in my level 19 pit of squalor.

Insane 36-page Gears of War fan wishlist

Say what you will about Gears of War’s shallow, overtly masculine bravado, but it’s the game that defined the last generation, convincing a multitude of gamers to jump in. There hasn’t been a game for this new generation so far with that sort of impact. As a series, as the game evolved, it’s collected a cult of die-hard fans. Most of them unanimously agree that Gears of War: Judgment took several steps backwards. some of the most insane ardent want to make sure that Black tusk’s new generation Gears of War game hits the right notes.