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In Other News – 7 December 2016

In Other News: FFXV spreads across even more media, bad guy Konami and Netflix is scaring HBO. Here’s the news we didn’t post today because we were too busy living authentically.

Transformers: The Last Knight Baysploded the computers at Industrial Light and Magic

Director Michael Bay says that the visual effects for Transformers: The Last Knight actually broke the computers at Industrial Light and Magic.

Patch 6.24 for League of Legends is the last for 2016

Patch 6.24 may be the last for League of Legends for the year, but that doesn’t mean it’s light on content. It’s got a new champion, changes, and more!

Thank Zordon, the Power Rangers movie will feature the original theme song

There’s anything more 90s than the Power Ranger intro, a glorious theme tune that’ll be reimagined for the 2017 reboot.

Will Ferrell is going to star in an eSports comedy

Will Ferrel is set to star in a Talladega Nights style esports comedy playing a competitive gamer.

As expected, the Switch dock increases performance

Nintendo Switch games will run a little better when the system is docked, thanks to increased lock speeds.

Overwatch’s holiday event will kick off on December 13

Overwatch is celebrating the festive season, and you’re all invited! The shooter will get a whole lot of themed content next week.

You better not be on Agent 47’s naughty list in Hitman next week

Hitman is embracing the Christmas spirit this year with a free DLC mission pack called Holiday Hoarders.

New footage and story details revealed in THE MUMMY behind-the-scenes featurette

A new featurette for The Mummy reveals a bunch of new info… and Russell Crowe beating up Tom Cruise!

Holiday game sales are no longer “make or break”

While the year-end rush is still important , day one sales aren’t as important a measure of profitability.

Rumour suggests all three Dark Souls game could come to Nintendo Switch

A new report suggests From Software is very interested in Nintendo’s Switch, and could port all three Souls games to the new console.

Mads Mikkelsen is confused but excited by Kojima’s “crazy” Death Stranding

Two trailers in, and Death Stranding is for the lack of a better word, utterly baffling. And antagonist Mads Mikkelsen feels the same way.

Scorpio isn’t out to compete with “a high-end rig,” is planned to retail “at a console price-point”

The Xbox One Scorpio isn’t “compete with a high-end rig,” says Microsoft’s Phil Spencer.

Report: Pebble cancels Time 2, Core on eve of shipping as Fitbit closes in

Pebble might cancel their last hardware launch ever, as Fitbit looks close to announcing a purchase.

The Battleborn Winter Update has something for everyone

A Winter Update is coming to Battleborn soon. It’s filled with awesome changes, for both newcomers and veterans.