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The Superbook is a shell that turns your Android smartphone into a laptop

Your smartphone is pretty powerful computer – but it’s not being leveraged as best it can. The Superbook aims to change that.

The latest Overwatch patch focuses on Ana and McCree

There’s a new update out for Overwatch on PC. It’s packed to the brim with tweaks for the new support sniper, Ana, as well as that guy who keeps yelling the time, McCree.

Lazygamer’s top buys from bidorbuy

Love to shop for bargains but not always sure what’s worthwhile? We’ve got you covered. Here are our top picks from bidorbuy this week.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD will blend science and magic together

With Marvel embracing their supernatural side with Doctor Strange later this year and Ghost Rider in Agents of SHIELD, that sorcery is about to collide with fact and reason.

PokéVision is a real-time Pokémon GO locator

Sick and tired of hunting rare Pokémon and coming up short? PokéVision is here to help you

Destiny says goodbye to Xbox 360 and PS3 with a final patch

Two years of content is all that you’re going to be getting your hands on as Rise of Iron leaves last-gen guardians to rust away in final Destiny patch for those systems.

Take a closer look at Watch Dogs 2’s Marcus Holloway

Here’s a profile of Watch Dogs 2’s not middle aged, gruff and white protagonist.

The NX might be a portable console with detachable controllers, that connects to your TV

The Nintendo NX still hasn’t been officially detailed yet (we’re...

Patch 6.15 for League of Legends is all about getting the meta ready for the World Championship

Patch 6.15 for League of Legends will provide the last major changes to the MOBA you’ll see for a good long time. Riot want to get the meta ready for Worlds, which kicks off at the end of September.

WWE Smackdown Results – July 26 2016

Smackdown Live took place at First Niagara Center in Buffalo New York last night. Here’s all the action that went down.

Charlie Hunnam won’t be back for Pacific Rim 2

Looks like Hunnam’s role as the lead protagonist will belong to John Boyega in Pacific Rim 2, as that sequel won’t see Raleigh getting back into a Jaeger.

Comic-Con: We are a go! It’s the first trailer for THE EXPANSE season 2

The Expanse is coming back for another season of space opera goodness, and they’ve brought a not-so-little friend along

Meet Kled, the Cantankerous Cavalier

Combat must be tough when your trust steed, a lizard, is also a big coward. However, that doesn’t stop Kled, the Cantankerous Cavalier, from charging his way into the Summoner’s Rift.

In Other News – 26 July 2016

In Other News: Juri gets delayed, Battlefield indulges in some free criminal activity and a trio of Anas are your worst nightmare in Overwatch.

Quadrilateral Cowboy Review – smart syntax

A game about conducting heists from behind a pc screen? It sure sounds mundane and complicated. Blendo Games though, have somehow managed to pull it off with ease in Quadrilateral Cowboy. They’ve put together a highly polished, surprisingly enjoyable product, one which every gamer should get around to playing at some point.