Xbox Live’s Arcade Next kicks off with Trials Evolution.


Man, I love it when Microsoft has an Xbox Live Arcade promotion. What it generally means is that we’ll be getting a great new downloadable game every week for the next while, and this year’s Arcade Next is no exception. I do feel a little sorry for the rest of the games in the line-up though, because Microsoft’s chosen to kick the whole thing off with the sequel to RedLynx’s wildly popular err, trial-based racer Trials HD.

Yeah, that’s right – Trials Evolution is out today on Xbox Live for 1200 MS Points. Like its forebear, it’ll no doubt be horribly addictive, and horribly frustrating as you try best your friends’ run times. It’s time to say goodbye to your free time, and whatever spare controllers you have lying about – because you’ll soon be throwing them out of the closest window. You’ll want a lot of controllers though, because Trials Evolution contains 4 player local or online – making it a modern Excitebike. It’s also got a wealth of user-generated content options – including a Pro editor that’ll allow you to create and easily share your own games – not too far removed from LittleBigPlanet. Incredible.

Here’s the game’s launch trailer.

Trials HD will be followed by Bloodforge, Fable Heroes and Minecraft.

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