Which platform has the most games?


So I stumbled onto a tweet yesterday where someone claimed that the PS3 had more games and that is why it is a better choice as a platform.. well the number of games means nothing really in the greater scheme of things but I was pretty sure that assertion wasn’t accurate but Geoff’s initial thought was that it was… so we investigated.

Now when I say investigated I need to clarify that this isn’t some sort of scientific research and could well be missing some titles. We excluded PC, which obviously has the most titles by far, and took a look at each platform to see which console would give you the most choice in gaming.

Where specified I’ve listed the following breakdown

MP = Multiplatform
E = Exclusive
CE = Console Exclusive (available on PC or iOS as well but only on this console)

  1. PlayStation 3 – 760 (615 MP, 137 E, 8 CE)
  2. PlayStation 2 – 2016
  3. PlayStation Portable – 777
  4. PlayStation Vita – 65
  5. Nintendo Wii U – 29
  6. Nintendo Wii – 1220
  7. Nintendo 3/DS – 1707
  8. Xbox 360 – 930 (721 MP, 127 E, 82 CE)

So in order of the most titles we have

  1. PlayStation 2
  2. Nintendo 3/DS (combined)
  3. Nintendo Wii
  4. Xbox 360
  5. PlayStation Portable
  6. PlayStation 3
  7. PlayStation Vita
  8. Nintendo Wii-U

I didn’t merge the PSP and PS Vita as the Vita cannot play all PSP games on media… but you can if you want to it doesn’t change that much.

So are you surprised at how many more games the Nintendo platforms from this generation have over everyone else? I’m most surprised at how the PS3 has come last in the current gen consoles especially with the belief that is going around that it has the most titles.

What it does have, that is very important to understand,  is far more exclusives than the Xbox 360 and the Xbox 360 only really wins thanks to all its console exclusives as it is so easy to port PC titles to the Xbox 360.

*All research conducted by Wikipedia.. I just stole it from them

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