What tech do kids want for Christmas?


It’s nearly that time of the year where I start getting the Christmas spirit; straight from the bottle, at 43%. I’m not a fan of the Yule, being a bit of a Grinch; the constant sounds of Bony M, the gaudy in-store tinfoil decorations – it all just makes me want to vomit. And then there’s the gifts; what the hell do you buy the kids? If they had it their way, you;d be buying them iPads and Wii U’s.

US-based audience measurement researcher Nilesen asked what electronic devices US citizens would like to own over the next six months – and nearly half of those in the under 12 bracket want shiny new iPads. Apple products came in at third, fourth and fifth too with the iPod Touch, iPad Mini and iPhone.

The top gaming-focused device that kids want? Nintendo’s Wii U with 39% – a strong indicator that Nintendo’s marketing is working. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox360 sit near parity, with 26% of young folk’s consumer interest in Sony’s console, and 25% for Microsoft’s. 

Interestingly, the old Wii’s still in there with a fighting chance sitting at 20%. The now ancient PSP has 18% of young consumers interested – higher than the newer Vita with 14%.

For kids older than 12, gaming does a little worse; the Wii U only comes in at 17% while its older brethren the PlayStation 3 sitting at  8% and the  Xbox 360 at 7%. Those kids mostly just want Apple stuff.

Here are the graphs:



My own kids are going to be very excited when they each get the iPad’s they’ve been begging for. This is what they wanted, right?


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