This is why GTA V isn’t on PC yet 

Gavin Mannion
February 4, 2014 at 12:00 pm

This is how I picture accountants at these eventsLast night the bean counters at Take Two Interactive released their financials for the last year and there were some surprising announcements in between all the tedious non-GAAP and loan note talking.

First up let’s take a look at the juicy sales numbers. 

Borderlands 2 has now become 2K’s biggest selling title with the latest retail push helping the title sail past the 8.5 million mark. 2K, owned by Take Two, also pulled in some great sales of their signature NBA 2K series with the latest version, NBA2K14, selling over 5 million units which has pushed the franchise over the 35 million mark to date.

But the real money spinner was obviously Grand Theft Auto V which has now officially sold over 32 million copies already and is still widely expected to earn a lot more money with upcoming DLC, Xbox One and PS4 versions as well as the much-anticipated PC version.

The rest of the income earned is spread across XCOM, Bioshock, WWE, Civ 5 and GTA: San Andreas to name a few.

However those aren’t the most surprising numbers from the announcement. If you scroll all the way down Take Two have also given the breakdown of sales according to mobile, console or PC and the results are mind-blowing.

Consoles vs The Master Race

In the 2012 financial year the breakdown was as follows

  • Console – 80%
  • PC – 18%
  • Mobile – 2%

A clear lead for the console market which is a bit of a shock since Max Payne 3 was released during that time on all platforms.

But fast forward to today and the breakdown for 2013 sales is vastly different

  • Console – 97%
  • PC – 3%
  • Mobile – 0%

Who's the master race now?

To put it bluntly Take Two is now simply a console house with that 3% barely even worth the effort of porting games over. Games like NBA2K, Borderlands 2 and XCOM: Enemy Within are debatably better on the console and with consoles having total domination inside the company you can understand why top titles like Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto V simply aren’t on the immediate horizon for PC gamers.

Do we have to mention the obvious factor of piracy being a major issue on the PC and that is possibly why Take-2 are investing more into consoles than the platform of the master race?

Sales tactics and Digital vs Retail

Take Two’s new sales plan also includes bundles with their next two bundles being Borderlands 2 & Dishonoured hitting retailers on the 11th of February along with a second, decidedly odd bundle of Skyrim & Bioshock Infinite which would make a perfect Valentine’s present for that special person in your life.

And for all of those, like me, who was worried that digital sales would ruin the typical retail experience it is nice to see that Take Two’s digital sales only accounted for 3% of all their sales. Again with GTA V skewing that results quite badly. Last year digital accounted for 22% of sales as a comparison.

The last bit of interesting info is that North America counts for 45% of all Take Two sales with the rest of the world combined making up the other 55% with no region being big enough to get a special mention.

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  • Serpentarius

    And to ALL of the idiotic console peasants who claimed “it’s never coming to PC,” may the butthurt flow through you. Not only has PC surpassed peasant boxes:
    …but we’re also getting the superior version of this game.

    Mannion, you are an idiot…don’t quit your day job. Peasant.

  • tgv

    The truth of the matter is that game developers are going to aim for the market that has the most to gain and right now its the console market, shame as it may be that these games companies (most of them anyway) made all there money by selling PC games when consoles where way to shoddy to play decent games, but you cant blame them for this its a business at the end of the day and there all out to make the most they can. more games sell on consoles becouse more people have them (or at least ones that are capable of playing the latest games) im about to make a statment that will probably anoy alot of peole but its my honnest opinion of the matter so here goes. more people have consoles becouse they are frightend of pc’s they think they will break them and wouldent have a clue when it came to trouble shooting a problem, you hear them say (i dont wont the hassle it just works on a console without the messing about) yes that’s true to a extent but what there really saying is i will stick with the inferior technology because I’m to stupid to sort out any trouble that may accrue.
    i have a high end gaming rig (like realy high end) and can honestly say that it does piss all over a xb1 or a ps4 iv seen it with my own eyes im not one that looks at comparison videos on you tube for my evidence my eyes don’t lie to me. i own 4 xb360 consoles which i use in the living room and the bedrooms as media servers as this seems the cheapest and best way to do it, i use a 360 controller for the PC (on some games) on my 52″ Samsung TV in the living room and can say that it wipes the floor with a friends xb1 and ps4. All we can do as PC lovers is hope for the best and mabe the next gen of dx or mantle will make it easyer for the games developers to release PC titles at the same time as there console releases and hope it will make them a profit and make it worth there while.

  • M

    Wait, did that article say a FPS, Borderlands, plays better on a console that a pc? oO

  • Mrki Mash

    Most of the games are sold on consoles, because Piracy is the biggest thing on PC.

  • Mrki Mash

    But PC is better

  • Twice_Infinity

    PC at 3% Somebody needs to stop making crap up.