The Skylanders Giants Survival Guide – Swarm


From the diary of Kaos, Major Commodore 64 ruler of the Skylands: Bah, out of all the Skylanders that I evicted from my rightful territory with my incredible intellect, none bothers me moreso than Swarm! Swarm is an insect before my might! And when I’m done with him, he’ll be cut down to the same size as one of those creatures as well!



Element: Air

Character Type: Giant

Bio: Swarm was once a prince from a proud race of mysterious insect warriors that had built their entire civilization inside a giant honeycombed pyramid. Growing up as one of the 9,000 members of the royal family, he was never permitted to leave the hive.

But unlike his brethren, there was a magical quality to Swarm that caused him to grow much larger than the rest of his kind. No longer able to fit amongst the rest of his colony, the young prince broke the long standing tradition and stepped out into the open world – where his size and strength would be put to good use in the legendary battle between the Giants and the Arkeyans.


  • Barb Blades: Swarm can use slash attacks on his enemies
  • Flight of the Wasp: Swarm can hover in the air, and fire off Barb Blades


  • Sharpened Barbs: Swarm can do increased damage with his Barb Blades
  • Wingin’ it: Swarm can fly faster and for longer periods of time
  • Swarm Form: A transformation that breaks Swarm down into thousands of smaller bugs with which he can attack anything in contact with him
  • Stinger Shot: Swarm can charge up a Stinger energy attack and unleash it for extra damage

Barberous Avenger

  • Ultimate Barbs: Increases the maximum damage that Swarm can do with his Barb Blades
  • Razor Wings: Swarm can damage enemies with his wings
  • Better Barb Blast: Firing Barb Blades while flying now does extra damage

Wasp Stormer

  • Swarm Storm: Swarm can do more damage in a bigger version of his swarm attack
  • Insectsplosion: A shockwave attack dealt from swarm form
  • Bee Cleaver: Swarm can shape his form into a giant axe with which to swing at enemies

Soul Gem Ability

  • Bee is for the Butt Stinger: Swarm can fire Stinger Missiles to track down enemies

So, Swarm thinks himself above my magnificent intellect does he? Well wait until he sees the traps that I have laid in place for him! Not even Swarm can resist the genius of my massive glowing light bulb automatons! Patent pending, of course.

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My head is awesome, I tell you! Fear it! Fear my GIANT FLOATING HEAD! I will destroy you, Skylanders! I AM THE REAL PORTAL MASTER!

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