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In Other News – 24 April 2014

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Street fighter X Tekken producer disappointed by DLC hackers

I'll wait for SSFxT2THDDELUXEMAGICDOLPHIN edition, thanks.

The nerve! Street Fighter X Tekken producer has lamented the fact that industrious hackers have managed to unlock the extra DLC characters for the game  – yes, the ones that are already on your retail copy of the game, just locked behind some ludicrous paywall -  without having to shell out money for them.

While he’s praised their skills, he’s also said he’s “pretty disappointed.”

“Personally, I was really surprised when I heard the news that the characters had been hacked, basically,” he said to Gamespot. “So I was pretty disappointed by that. I was really surprised at how skillful the hackers were, basically.

“But I was really kind of disappointed that it created this kind of environment where a bunch of players were playing the characters but a bunch were unable to play with them.”

In general, Capcom’s handling of DLC is pretty despicable. While Bethesda started it all of with the ludicrous horse armour, they more than made up for it with Shivering Isles; Mass Effect’s DLC has largely been fantastic, and The Gunstringer added in a whole new mode paying homage to MadDog McCree – for free. Alan Wake’s DLC expanded beautifully on the original story, fleshing out the game’s universe. Brilliant. I’d gladly play for that of thing.

That’s how it should be done – but this fleecing of customers is just criminal. Stop it.

The 12 downloadable already-on-the-bloody-disc characters will cost console players $20/1,600 MSP/their souls when its released sometime after the more complete PlayStation Vita version comes along.  The problem though is that people will still buy this, against their better judgement, and i’ll probably be one of them, mostly ‘cos I really want to kick Heihachi’s ass with Blanka. *Sigh*

Oh yes. Here are some more Ghost Recon Future Soldier Beta keys. They won’t cost you a cent.

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