Smartglass hits your Xbox later this week


If you’ve received the latest dashboard update for your Xbox 360, then one of the features lurking underneath its hood is the integration and use of tablets to control your Xbox via Smartglass. It’s currently a feature that’s locked away, waiting or the release of Windows 8 later this week.

If you haven’t yet received the latest update – you should do so today; MS said today’s the last day for the intended roll-out to complete.

When the tablet-centric operating system from Microsoft sees release, it’ll be accompanied by a Smartglass application for your favourite tablet – unlocking the feature on the Xbox. Smartglass provides “key foundational experiences for interacting with your Xbox 360, such as dashboard and app navigation and Internet Explorer control, like text input, scrolling and pinch and zoom”

Now before you get too excited about this “Wii U killer,”  it’s worth noting that the list of games and applications that make use of Smartglass will be pretty limited at launch.


Here’s what will work with Smartglass on October 26.

  • Games:
    - Ascend
    - Dance Central 3
    - Forza Horizon
    - Halo Waypoint
    - Home Run Stars
    - Karaoke
    - Kinect Sesame Street TV
    - Prima Games
  • Sports:
    - ESPN
    - NBA Game Time
    - UFC
  • Entertainment Apps:
    - Elections 2012
    - HBO GO
    - MSN
    - NBC News
    - NOW TV
    - Slacker Radio
    - TODAY
    - Univision

I was pretty keen on using Smartglass  to control Internet explorer –until common sens4 smacked me in the face and I realised I could just browse on the damned tablet in the first place. Are you keen on Smartglass? Do you think it’s a gamechanger in anyway? Do you reckon it’s any threat to Nintendo’s new Wii U?

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Author:Geoffrey Tim

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