Sleeping Dogs sales aren’t poor, says Square


Not too long ago, Square-Enix’s Big Boss Man Yoichi Wada made some comments about the retail performance of Sleeping dogs, one of my favourite games this year, that made it sounds as though the game wasn’t particularly successful. That would be a travesty.  It would also be factually incorrect. Wada’s now clarified those comments, saying they were made in response to the company’s own exceedingly high expectations.

Speaking to investor-types, Wada admitted that the game is doing just fine – just that the company had impossibly high expectations. It seems that the game has a long tail in Western markets, and continues to sell in decent numbers, as opposed to Japanese markets where lifetime sales are reached within a week or two of release.

“At the announcement of forecast revisions last week, we talked about Sleeping Dogs as an example of a Western title that started out slow, which seemed to provoke misunderstandings that it was suffering poor sales,” Wada said.

“Let me clarify that SD is an exceptionally remarkable title that came with very high expectations and aggressive sales targets for the First Six-Month Period. Our goal might have been exceedingly high, which is what we see here in the difference in actual versus forecast sales.

“I am confident that SD would grow to be one of our ten strong IPs, and I am very optimistic for great results in lifetime sales. Just to reiterate, we expected greater revenues from SD in the First Six-Month Period, and what we are seeing now is simply the difference between actual and aggressive projections.”

though it had its problems, Sleeping Dogs really did turn out better than anybody had expected. I certainly had more fun with it than I’ve had with just about any “GTA” styled game since…well since Saint’s Row. I’d love for Sleeping Dogs to become viable IP – just as long as United Front (or whichever developer Square tasks with future games) don;t end up remaking the same game over and over.

According to the ever reputable VGchartz, retail sales of Sleeping Dogs have now capped out at around 1.26 million units…which isn’t nearly as many as it deserves.

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Author:Geoffrey Tim

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