Rockstar cuts GTA V online mission payouts

There are many ways to make money online in GTA V. You can slog through the missions and pick up cash or just find loopholes like this, or this or even this but what you can’t do any more is repeat easy pay-out missions as Rockstar has decided to gimp that feature.

Previously if you completed a mission and earned $5000 you could quickly repeat it and get another $5k. Some of these missions could be completed in less than two minutes if you were good enough making this a nice little money farmer.

Well since the latest update you can no longer do this as each subsequent play through will now only net you half of the original pay out.

Just to clarify for those who were asking about the adjustment made to mission replay payouts, please remember that we are continuing to regularly balance the dynamic in-game economy and whenever we discover that there are unintended loopholes that some players are exploiting to grind cash or RP, you can expect that we will be adjusting or closing them. By the same token, there are also cases where we’re balancing the economy in the opposite direction such as recently reduced penalties for dying. All of this is done to keep things as fair and as fun as possible – please remember that we are looking at not only player data in our ongoing tuning process decision-making but also at your direct input, so if you have any feedback about the in-game economy or any other aspects of the game, please direct it to as we are actively looking at all player feedback sent to that address. We thank you for your understanding and patience and please stay tuned this week for more information including timing of the first GTA$ Stimulus Package deposit and the forthcoming new content such as the Beach Bum Pack, Content Creator and Heists.

I get why they are doing this but this feels like it will punish the good guys more while the glitchers will just find another way. I don’t pay enough attention to the game to see if I’ve done a mission before when I accept and invite and to then find out I’m going to bet getting less benefit hurts a bit.

What they should have done is put this penalty on a time limit, so if you replay the same mission within an hour then you get half the payout. Simple as that really.

But in all honesty the real problem here is that Rockstar want to make money on microtransactions. It’s the only reason they are worried about people earning huge bank accounts as you can play the game perfectly fine without the money so really all these statements about balance and variety are nothing but a smoke screen.

Drop the micro transactions, make money from DLC and let people do whatever they want.

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Author:Gavin Mannion

I'm cranky, arrogant and ever so amazingly annoying but when you get to know me you will also realise I'm honest and incredibly good at describing myself... now pass me that beer
  • Mike

    Another problem is that they didn’t mention it in the latest patch notes. It was only after people complained that they are now only getting half the payout. For them it seemed like a new bug until Rockstar confirmed that it’s an intended change. Not that making money is difficult in the game. There really is no reason to use the micro transactions.

    • NecroRince

      What level do you have to be to get to the real heists one’s crew can do?

      • LAblak22

        DLC yet to come, love.

    • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

      I agree, the microtransactions seem pointless, although the grind worsened significantly (after the patch)… :/ I guess it’s back to survival mode for a potential $20 000 payout.

      • Gavin Mannion

        What wave do you need to get to for the $20k payout?

        • corbyj

          you have to last through the last wave, wave 10. I have only managed to last to wave 6 on my own and came away with about $8500 but used all of my ammo getting there and no telling what I lost in medical bills. I have only lasted past level 10 once and that was with 3 other players. This is the first thing I do when I log in online….look for people to play survival with.

        • DrClarkGriswald

          Survival is good, but can be time consuming considering whom you may be playing with at the time. Small things such as selling a vehicle every 48 minutes (one in-game day), especially the Baller and Lampadanti Felons bring in $9000 a pop. I find those fairly easy, however I always leave a spare space in my garage for “sellable cars” that i may find within that 48 mins and want to sell later. I usually start my sessions with selling a car, then find Simeon a vehicle (sometimes bringing in $2-5K over the vehicle’s worth at Los Santos), then I dive into a mission, race, survival etc. and try to keep doing those things over and over until my 48 mins is up, then repeat the process. Sometimes I pull in $50-70K an hour by using this pattern. I also hit up stores and gang battles randomly for some petty cash. Gang battles help with ammo too. Just wanted to share my method is all. Hope any of it helped.

          • Mike

            The survival is time consuming. however if you weant to make money faster that i discovered (and easier), do the rockstar created mission called potshot. It pays out 7,000 and if you calculated the time it takes to do a survival, if you repeat potshot you’ll have more money in potshot than you do in survival.

        • darkwolf

          Past wave 10


      U got to be kidding making money is very hard in GTA V It would take countless days and hours if not months to buy just a tank .. I played this game everyday all day until they took the gifted money and made the game completely SUCK .. ROCKSTAR IF U WERENT SO DAMN GREEDY ID BUY YOUR CARDS BUT IM NOT PAYING 20 BUCKS FOR A CARD THAT DONT EVEN PROVIDE ENOUGH FAKE CASH TO BUY A TANK.. THERE LOOSING DIE HARD GTA PLAYERS LIKE MYSELF

  • NecroRince

    Does anyone know how the heists work? Does one player have to own a whole bunch of properties, or can different members in a crew own their own to make up this?

    • TiMsTeR1033

      have you ever taken out the money van by your self in SP? apparently can do those too online..

      • Mike

        The money vans are easy to get and give anything from 8k to 13k. Which is more than most missions payout. All you need is a sticky bomb.

        • TiMsTeR1033

          Thanks man!

        • Maxiviper117

          Ive made 900 000 000 dollars in the single player for each by using the stock market and the Lester assassination missions for Franklin. It was not an exploit of the game. it was legit.

          • Lionel Leutz

            that’s old news man.. and you must have skipped a few investment opportunity’s cause you should have ended up with just over 2 bill.

          • john

            we are not talking about single player you moron.

        • Vampyre Squirrel

          Woohoo… i unlocked the sticky bombs online :)

        • Steve

          Or if your out of sticky bombs….make sure the truck is at a red light 3 blasts with the sawed off shotgun doors open up………….sticky bombs u gotta be careful bc if one car is to close to the blast you’ll blow up the truck and everything else around it and the cash.

    • Mike

      Currently you can only own 1 property at a time in Online and as for how the heist will work Rockstar haven’t released a lot of info about that.

      • corbyj

        I want to see houses in online, not just appartments, and maybe even a house creator. I would kill for a house on the hills with a helipad!!!

    • TiMsTeR1033
    • Mike

      What they should do is activate the stock market online.

  • oVg

    When are they going to open the casino?

    • CaptainNemo42

      I was thinking the same thing. Would love to play some online Holdem with my friends or strangers and so on. Or waist money on Black Jack and Roulette.

    • CaptainNemo42

      Surely that Casino got to serve a purpose? I can’t see it being only there for one instance where Trevor was being thrown out of the place as I switch to him.
      It even have a horse race track, That can’t just be there for nothing?

  • brad coetzee

    its a great game but this money thing is a real pain in the ass. I did a crazy difficult job for lester and only got 5000. wtf? then I kill one guy for martin and get 9000.

    • Mike

      Or steal an SUV and sell it for 5k-9k. The missions only seem to be good for rep since the payout is rarely worth the effort.

      • corbyj

        I was working on a mission yesterday with a supposedly payout of about 10k when the server went down right as I was finishing, I was not happy. Especially when I only have around 80k on level 17.

        • Mike

          They have changed the payouts so much that the missions arew really not worth doing. I even noticed that they sent the titan mission from 25,000 to 5,000. Thats even on 1.5 difficulty. RIP OFF! I wish I had the titan mission bookmarked. But from what i see, in the aspect of it is that the potshot mission pays more than survival. Basically, potshot pays 7000, survival 20000, but if you repaet potshot over the time it takes to complete 1 survival, its a bigger pay out.

  • Maxiviper117

    The payout for the mission is ridiculous, its nothing, everything in GTA online is effing expensive, if you want a spoiler for your car, is $7000 and thats the cheapest spoiler.

    • corbyj

      right…3k for a silencer or extended magazine. it’s nuts.i feel like I just break even after buying ammo and armor before the mission and only get several thousand back.

      • Vampyre Squirrel

        3k for a silencer? I haven’t seen a single one below 12k.

        • corbyj

          that sounds about right, I was just going by bad memory

  • David Speranza

    playing online for a week and still at $30,000. seems like i lose $1,000 every time i played a mission.

  • Lionel Leutz

    it’s funny how many people are complaining about this micro transaction noise.. it would be ridiculous for them not to do that from a business standpoint. if you don’t wanna be the d-bag who used mommy’s credit card for a quick 500k with a 10 rank, than don’t. i hope they open the casino soon, i’ll fck anyone up in hold em’. that’s how i finna make my moneys. im sick of doing lame ars missions for shib pay.

  • zac

    that is bullshit. All my friends are not playing anymore. This game will go downhill very quick if they dont step there game up. There is not enough missions on the game. You haft to do them over and over…When are we getting are 500,000. When will we have heists….not looking good. They should have already had all this done before the game come out…

  • Gavin Mannion

    I’m honestly not sure what you are going on about here? Most of what you said I’ve said already and while you don’t have to agree with me about the micro transactions it doesn’t really clarify your point?

    Or am I missing it totally?

    Also you should join our crew we have 298 members at the moment

    • Michael D’Angona

      Do you not read responses?

      Here is your excerpt:

      I get why they are doing this but this feels like it will punish the good guys more while the glitchers will just find another way. I don’t pay enough attention to the game to see if I’ve done a mission before when I accept and invite and to then find out I’m going to bet getting less benefit hurts a bit.

      What they should have done is put this penalty on a time limit, so if you replay the same mission within an hour then you get half the payout. Simple as that really.

      But in all honesty the real problem here is that Rockstar want to make money on microtransactions. It’s the only reason they are worried about people earning huge bank accounts as you can play the game perfectly fine without the money so really all these statements about balance and variety are nothing but a smoke screen.

      Drop the micro transactions, make money from DLC and let people do whatever they want.

      *** Now as I stated above your claiming because they cut the mission money in half thats rockstars way of getting you to shove money into them.

      1. Thats not true. I proved you wrong in the message above. They make these changes to even out the economy. You may not play every day but there are other people who put in 40-100 hours a week in this game and earn millions daily. Because there is so much GTA$ in the system and many people are not spending their money they have to cut the mission prices. They want to make the economy fair, so one person isn’t sitting with $50m. one day.

      2. Repeating a mission isn’t a glitch. You can still repeat missions. All you do is make a call and get the mission again then repeat it. That isn’t a glitch its a feature.

      3. You stated yourself “I don’t pay enough attention to the game…” How can you begin to lecture me about the game when you yourself stated you do not pay attention to the game when playing. Thats a pretty close minded view.

      4. Proving your theory wrong which I did twice already proves that you have no idea about ” Rockstars micro transactions” And you just stated “and while you don’t have to agree with me..” I proved you wrong, thats what a message board is to do. Quash rumors, and put out the truth.

      5. You only posted about this to rant on your website and drive in the searchers looking for GTA V stories. This rant was proven wrong and you have proven to be sensitive to criticism.

      6. There is no point in having a crew of 298 members. It would take everyone to be online in 1 day, and 20 rooms of 15 people for you to even play with each person. Thats physically impossible to do. There are so many limits with XBL party sizes and room sizes that having this many members is moot.

      7. As well you don’t know all 297 members other than yourself and maybe 20-30 of them, the rest are just names and numbers to you. If you were actually the leader of this crew it would show no common sense in your head to brag about your crew size for GTA V when VS competitions haven’t even begun yet. And if your crew is made up of people playing other games as well then its actually not a 298 Member GTA V crew. Its just a misc. crew,

      8. My crew which I lead, every single day. Is made up of GTA V fanatics. We have all been playing this game since it game to PC in the late 90′s. We evolved with the game, and have followed it to all of its versions. My crew of 25 members all present a strong presence in GTA V Online. You haven’t provided any logic in your responses.

      9. How about you let me responses sit, and allow your reading public to respond. Just sit back and let the world communicate on your message board. You should get all worked up when someone gives you a form of criticism.

      10. I hope never to play with a cry baby like you on GTA V.

      11. You should fix your website to actually allow you to LOGIN in if you created a login on your site only. What a joke of a website!

      God Bless America!

      • EchoThreeTwo

        I’m late but I read your comment when I searched why my friend got less money then I did for a mission and it was both our first time doing that mission. I have to say though that you are being a d-bag for no reason other then you don’t agree with this guy, and you get on him for ranting when you are also doing the exact same thing with this comment.

        1. There is no economy balancing. A guy with 50 mil can not affect the game more then a guy with 100k because all you can do in GTA so far is buy things for yourself. There is no GTA economy because things don’t cost real money so there’s no value to them. The “Stock Market” does not make an economy because anyone in the game can affect that not just the guy with 50 mil.

        2. He brought up his crew to get people to join so people can have a crew to do jobs with not that he’s going to be playing with every single person in it, that’s the point of a crew.

        So please stop being an a hole for no reason other then you did not agree with what the writer said as I just proved that I don’t agree with what you said but I don’t think you’re close minded I think you’re just being to mean for not agreeing with what someone said. Thank you…

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  • Vampyre Squirrel

    I find it’s pretty easy to make cash… the other day I was playing with Tanya, OVG, Rince and a few other friends and I racked up 20k in about 2 hours of play.

    Doing survival jobs helps as well because you’ll make just under 3k just for making it through Wave 4. Selling a car a day gives you good cash as long as you sell the right one, holding up all the stores in a invite only session can get you a lot of cash (as long as the cops don’t kill you, medical bills will kill your profit). Catch an armored car, 5-13k. Find someone that’s just come out of a job and aren’t quick enough to the bank, and there’s some more.

    There’s a lot of ways to make cash in GTA Online.

  • LAblak22

    Booo, Rockstar, boooo. Booooooo, Rockstar. Boo.

    • kieran

      whats the code for cheat

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  • Agent Z

    When they fuck are they going to add missions that payout. I want to feel big time like i did in the story mode of vice city or something. You spend all that time on a mission and it doesn’t pay out diddly shit. wtf. how am i supposed to buy a tank and rollover motherfuckers.

  • kevin

    Yeah this is all major BS. I know there is a lot of money to be had in the PVP stuff, but I did not buy this game to do pvp, thats what black ops 2 is for…. I wanted to team up with friends and do co op stuff, but it would seem the people that are doing co op are getting screwed in the money department…. I’ve spent as much as 40 mins on a mission with a friend only to walk away with like 1,000 bucks, THAT AINT GONNA CUT IT!! So, in return we who don’t like to trade bullets with 12 year old asian kids that play the game 15 hours a day, choose to do loopholes. I think thats fair, the 12 year olds can shoot at each other and make outrageous amounts of money, and the more mature audience (if you will) can stick to doing missions that require THOUGHT instead of, “if it moves shoot it”. I am very disappointed, another game that had TONS of potential, ruined by the guys in charge….

  • Mike

    I think its rediculous that Rockstar made these changes only after some people found out. It is hard as hell to make $ in this game anymore. The only time a good payout is made anymore is if you set it to max difficulty. And even then its very little. I used to do the titan mission just to earn a little xtra. But now they have it knocked down to only a 5,000 payout. the missions are barely worth doing anymore.

  • lucy676

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