Modern Warfare 3 devs want your help to boost their low Metacritic user score


Man, doesn’t it just burn your ass that everybody is playing that game you hate? Why, the public must know that your generic current war shooter product A is a hundred times better than generic current war shooter product B!

So what’s a guy to do? Why go onto the review aggregate site, Metacritic, and absolutely slate the grittiness out of that opposing product of course! That seems to be the reasoning behind the suspiciously low scores in the user section on Metacritic, where Modern Warfare 3 is currently sitting at 2.7 out of 10 on console, and 1.5 out of 10 on PC.

With Metacritic under siege from anti-COD fanboys, who are throwing as many zero point scores as possible into the digital arena in order to try and damage the reputation of the game, Sledgehammer Games’ Glen Schofield has gone onto Twitter to ask fans to please objectively rate the game.

“I don’t usually do this but, if u like MW3 go 2 & help our user score,” writes Schofield. “It’s suspiciously low. Be honest but help if u agree.”

And the man has a point. Its not only childish, but its unfair and disgusting to tear a game such a massive hole when you haven’t even played it. Just because you hate a game, it doesn’t mean that you have to ruin it for those gamers who actually will enjoy the experience.

So, if you’re objective, honest and not frothing at the mouth with delusions of competitive fanboy-ism, do the guys at Sledgehammer games a solid favour, and be really honest when you score the game.

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Author:Darryn Bonthuys

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