Make unlimited money in GTA V online, but be careful 

Gavin Mannion
October 15, 2013 at 1:00 pm

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Yes another glitch in Grand Theft Auto V online and again it is all about making more money. Now obviously making money is an issue in the game as the amount of these glitches that can be found is quite incredible.

However this one is by far the easiest to exploit and the most profitable and that is also why Rockstar has apparently threatened anyone doing it with a GTA ban –  and they’re talking to Microsoft to make it a full account ban.

According to Eskimopress Rockstar made the following announcement on a customer care call

We’re aware of the issue and until we can fix it, we’ll ban anyone with a history of abusing this design flaw. It will ruin others’ enjoyment by disbalancing the economy that’s vital to the Online experience. We’re in discussion with Microsoft, too, to escalate these bans from online privileges to user accounts as a statement against these antics. We don’t expect any outrage from the law-abiding player base who haven’t devalued others’ items and hard-work with an exploit – these the customers we are proud to help.

So what’s this glitch that has gotten Rockstar so worried? Well it revolves around reselling your own personal vehicle to Los Santos Customs over and over.

Sounds simple enough but you have to do it in a very precise way – and here is a video to show you how that is.

How do these guys find this?

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  • Anonymous

    That’s so dumb, just let people do the glitch >-> Getting money in GTA online is a bitch to get. And disrupting the economy? Okay yes cashier i’ll pay 20 dollars for smokes that serve no purpose. So Rockstar, pisswasser off.

  • jake

    If R* wasn’t dropping the amount of money earned in missions to get people to pay real $ for BS GTA $ maybe they wouldn’t have this problem. I watched Violent Duct go from 9000, to 3000 after a patch, and now 1500 after the last patch, and another mission that was paying out 1000+ drop to 500 as of 27 Oct. As well costs are being added, with hospital bills every time you are killed by an online troll with nothing better to do but whack people in free mode, the new 200 per day you loose in mechanic and apt utility fees, and anything else R* decides to add as an expense. The problem is there already with players that got an early glitch start and are roaming the game with RPGs and grenade launchers, and lower levels a micro Uzi. I say let the lower level players starting out have a chance, since most were locked out due to R*s jacked up online issues, leave people alone and fix the glitch if R* doesn’t like it. This is causing a balance rather than an in balance to me. People pay $60 for this game, and R* wants you fork out more money just for in game cash. That is the real issue with this.

    • Brian

      People like you don’t realize what balancing is. The hell is the point of playing a game with bloated mission payouts that have you finish the game in a couple of days? Pointless…

      They are nerfing the rewards not to make people buy cash cards (which aren’t even available on the PS3) they are doing it to keep people playing the game, and good on them because the peeps farming those missions get everything they want in a couple of days, spend another couple of days going around trolling with high end stuff then get bored and stop playing the game. It’s nothing new, games have been doing this for years and it directly benefits every legitimate player in the game. The cash card thing is just an added bonus for them…also intended for BALANCING.

      But you, just like the rest of the people who think they know what they’re talking about on the internet are just too self-entitled and one-track-minded to realize what’s going on outside of your cynical little bubble.

  • jake

    I don’t think they should be able to “ban” people. I payed for my game which means I should be able to to do what I want and Microsoft can’t ban me because I’ve payed for my membership wich means they have to let my time expire

  • Christopher Wilkes

    Ban hammer? what a joke. There’s dudes driving around with purchased tanks.

  • Wilder Napalm

    I have read the article and the responses from XBox owners and I have this to say. Ahahahahaha! Pay to play online and threats to be banned from online play if you don’t play the way Microchit tells you to. Morons…………

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  • DCprophet .

    its freaking true some hacker sent me 237 million. it makes you lose things to do in the game very fast. Now when the heists come along ill just be doing them to do them. you only need about 20 million in this game to do everything, not 237 million. I will always ride for Rockstar Games because they are creative geniuses and are able to bring us an amazing game like GTA. Im an ultimate GTA fan so I will never get bored with the game in an overall standpoint ,although the money hack ruined my online experience as far as earning the more high end stuff. don’t get me wrong I already earned an honest living, I already had a premium apartment with several modified regular and premium sports cars but when someone gave me that money, it was good for the first few minutes but then I thought about it, he just gave me everything in a game that’s about earning, think about it folks.

  • DCprophet .

    so in all fairness I hope I don’t get banned because I was given that money by someone in an open lobby.

  • FiipFlop

    Rockstar you money grabbing bullying muppets.If you were’nt so greedy you’d have sorted the glitch out before it went online.Hypocrites,the game is about making money anyway you can.I for one will never buy a rockstar game again if they ban for there incompetence.And i urge you all to do the same.
    Tango down

  • bs

    soo your going to ban people off xbox for just a broken game you flawed, little extreme… and if people dont get the message, theyre fucked?

    • urbs

      they should know better than cheat and not have bad things happen for doing so. that is the way life has always worked no matter what you do.

  • dealwithit

    I hope everyone who cheated to get money gets reset to 0. Play the game right and stop going out of your way to find a way to cheat. Going through all those sets isn’t something rockstar would have thought out over and over. If it was something glitched where you could just keep hitting the sell button really fast I could see that. But when you are going through 10 weird steps to do it you are abusing the system and should be punished. I wouldn’t even call that way a glitch when you have to do so many things to cheat.

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  • random34

    Trolololol, Butthurt rockstar fanboy cultist weirdo’s are the one’s pissing and moaning for anyone who found a way to get money or ranks faster to be banned or reset.

    You’re such a numbnut if you thinking anyone besides modders/hackers should be banned or reset. U butthurt and mad that some people were smart enough to realize that the “fair way” as you call it of playing rockstar’s Pathetic system would take months just to get to even the first desired unlocks or purchases? It’s a clear as day concept that they designed it to try and force players into eventually buying cash cards after getting fed up with the pathetically poor progress rate. This is a video game, not a 9-5 Job. This is GTA, Not an MMORPG, U butthurt and mad?
    If you want gameplay that takes you months to get to even the first thing you wanted to unlock/or save up to buy then go play an MMORPG or stop playing games entirely and treat your 9-5 job (if you even have one Trolololol) as a “video game”. Pathetic.

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  • Arthur

    Yeah, use a fail, an exploit from the game is ”disbalancing the economy” but sell dollars on real money market for any kid who haves the money is ok.

  • Michael Wilson

    okay well with this glitch u can do it .. but u also can pimp out your cars and sell them too the suv will make more money and there are a lot of other cars tht sell more too. rockstar made there mistakes for online for gta. they made too many glitches for every rockstar game out there. and now there are people modding it online which they should get banned for life

  • Ok Then

    Ugh I did the very first bike glitch spent the money and replaced the cars now will i get banned?

  • John doe

    So pretty much it “corrupts” the economy yet rock star is willing to allow players to give them money for fake money by buying money packs? That makes absolutely no sense. Just another way for rock star to make more money on top of the billion they’ve already made.

    • YouHanoiMe

      What’s wrong with making money, billions even? You do it in-game. Rockstar just happens to know how to do it in real life.

  • johnny

    GTA 5 DNS Codes Working After Patch 1.09 watcht he video

  • Diogo

    very very patched we are on the version 1.11 idiot.. that is on version 1.06

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  • Francisco

    Can u do this glitch with the zentorno ?

  • jckhammr

    Rockstar wants to rape our pockets by forcing us to buy those stupid shark credit cards because they know the people who play this game are as patient as chimps with ADHD. don’t sugar coat things by saying you want to penalize people who are frustrated with your product because it almost demands you spend more money on the game to continue to have a decent amount of fun. When did you go Tony Montana on us Rockstar? You can have your cake and eat it too! Why not collectively use your noggins and introduce heist options and find a creative way to make it not so easy for every person playing GTA5 to reap millions for those jobs? I dunno, put a cap on how often those matches can be played or make them special event specific. Make it so heists must be done by a large amount of players and the cuts each player receives from the bigger pie wont hurt your little digital economy. stop screwing the people who have paid good money for your game, shove those shark cards up your assholes and around the corner, and put on the thinking cap. you can do this Rockstar! I believe in you!

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  • Weatherman 135

    Fricken easy

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  • Richard Baker

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