Judge reaffirms the Xbox 360 sale ban in America


It’s not looking good for Microsoft and the Xbox 360 after recently loosing its court case in Germany an ITC judge in America has now agreed that Microsoft is infringing on Motorola’s patents and that the Xbox 360 4Gb and 250Gb shouldn’t be allowed to be sold in America.

It looks like Microsoft is stone cold guilty as their defence this time was to try and convince the judge that it wouldn’t be fair to consumers if they couldn’t get their hands on an Xbox 360, something which the judge threw out stating that Sony and Nintendo can more than fill that gap.

The judge has also told Microsoft that it needs to hand 7% of the value of its Xbox 360 inventory to Motorola as part of the same case.

The International Trade Commissions commissioners will now inspect the ruling and if they don’t see any fault then Microsoft will be forced to stop selling the Xbox 360 in America unless President Obama decides to over rule the ruling. Something which I highly doubt will happen.

I think more than likely we are going to be seeing some Microsoft executives chatting to some Motorola executives and coming to an agreement that makes all sides happy.

The end result for us as consumers, don’t expect much of a price drop now that Microsoft is going to be forced to send some of the profits from sales directly to Motorola.

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Author:Gavin Mannion

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