Here’s how Assassin’s Creed 3 will use the Wii U


Assassin’s Creed 3 is coming in October this year – and it really seems like it’ll be shaking the series up a little, moving away from tall European and Middle Eastern settings and heading for the American Civil War. It’s also the first time the series will grace a Nintendo home console, hitting Nintendo’s new Wii U when the console is released.

Here’s how it’ll make use of the system’s unique controller.

According to the latest Nintendo Gamer magazine, this information comes directly from Ubisoft.

As you’d expect, the Wii U’s tablet will be used to display a persistent map, and significantly aid in navigating the game world. This is probably the most obvious use of the Wii U’s capabilities – because it just makes sense. The Mini-maps generally displayed on screen in games are either woefully small, or require sub-menus – and having a map available at all times would be welcome.

More interestingly, the Wii U’s tablet could also function as a link to the Assassins Creed’s in-game Animus – popping up with Animus entries and data; character biographies and little bits of information that could be used as an encyclopaedia that could be consulted when you’re taking a break. You’ll also be able to switch weapons on the fly with a single tap of the screen. The feature that I find most intriguing though, is using the tablet as a means for “Eagle Vision,” allowing an alternate view of the in-game world around you, using the tablet’s accelerometers. It would certainly make scanning for hidden symbols  more interesting.

It certainly sounds like the Wii U version will be interesting – but how many gamers and fans of the series are going to wit the extra month for the Wii U to launch? Nintendo hasn’t given any sort of concrete indication of when the Wii U will become available at retail – but speculation suggests it could be in November.

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