Gears of War Exile… what could it be? 

Gavin Mannion
January 19, 2011 at 8:00 am

Siliconera may have spotted what it was that Epic were meant to announce at the VGA’s before that last minute cancellation.

Apparently Epic has registered the title, Gears of War Exile, along with the above logo.

So what could it be? The rumour about a Kinect enabled Gears of War is still hanging around but the logo doesn’t hint at that in any way at all.

My guess is that it’s the much rumoured Gears of War Movie and nothing to do with a game at all. Or the exile could be what happens to Epic when they release this version on the PS3

Now that the cat is half out of the bag however I would expect an imminent announcement from Epic over the title.

Source: Siliconera

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  • Kervyn Cloete

    It’s a Gears Of War based, point ‘n click adventure game. Think about it. It would be (pardon the pun) EPIC! :p

  • Rez61

    Gears of War meets Reality TV … dum dum duuuuuum

    • NiteFenix

      I’m with Rez on this one. I can see this scene happening.

      “Marcus Fenix you’re OFF the island! Please bring your torch”.

      “No!” Chainsaws the host to death.

  • Wesself

    doubt it’s ps3 version seeing that MS had something to do with the announcement

  • Banana Jim

    It’s probably the kinect version, for onrail fail?

    • Spl0itza

      Hey!, A rail GOW where you curb stomp and chainsaw can be fun

      • Banana Jim

        Naaaaaahh! Curb stomping is awesome for the first hour or so, thereafter it’s like killing prostitutes in GTA 3, SA, 4. It just feels like work, and you’d rather go and set your Sims on fire or watch them drown in the pool.

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