Fight Night Champion – Losing Everything Trailer 

Gavin Mannion
January 5, 2011 at 1:30 pm

Fight Night Round 3 is the boxing game that always comes to mind as soon as the conversation moves to fighting games.

I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of that game and still go back to it on the odd occasion when I feel the need for a bit of fun fighting. The mechanics just felt perfectly natural and the graphics are still mind blowing to this day.

What FNR3 didn’t really have though was a story of any real kind and now it looks like EA may be solving that little issue.

The first Fight Night Champion trailer (that I have seen) is available below and gives us a bit of insight into how this game is going to pan out, after watching it I can happily say that I am stoked about this game and will be nagging our local EA reps to give us a preview as soon as possible.

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  • Kaya

    Looks very very very VERY cool :D

  • Syth

    Although I’m thoroughly excited for the game and think that the story can give more meaning to the career mode, I’m a bit skeptical. If the story feels tacked on, this may be a bad move for EA. No, I’m not expecting the next Mass Effect here, but just wish for something more than what Codemasters have given us witth their racers.