Brand new GTA V screenshots showcase what’s inside buildings

PSNation has pulled a sneaky and has grabbed the next bunch of GTA V screenshots before Rockstar were actually ready top release them.

Granted they aren’t as high res as Rockstar would like but this will serve them right for tempting a mammoth fan base of rabid fans with a bit of IT knowledge.

In the below screenshots we get to see some huge country vistas, some awesome looking statues and vehicles but I think most excitingly we get to see inside some of the buildings in the open world.

We can see in the jewellery store that it’s about to get robbed by 3 guys and that the convenience stores appear to be pretty well stocked.

It’s this weird attention to detail that Rockstar are famous for so I’m hoping we can interact with a lot of the internal layouts of buildings.


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Author:Gavin Mannion

I'm cranky, arrogant and ever so amazingly annoying but when you get to know me you will also realise I'm honest and incredibly good at describing myself... now pass me that beer
  • ElNicko

    Gavin , please stop , my heart cant take it……September is so far away and the more I seehear about GTA the more the excitement level jumps……Hype Train Full steam ahead

    • Melasco


      • ElNicko

        tickets please….

        • Melasco

          /shows pre-order number…

  • Hammersteyn

    Hopefully we will see the inside of dimly lit buildings, with neon signs inside…. and poles.

    • Umar Kiiroi Senk?

      Fire Department?

      • Hammersteyn


  • Vampyre Squirrel

    Chrome Ferrari type car… epic!!! hahahaha

    • HvR

      Special Ferrari Brakpan edition.

      Chrome hom pappie, chrome hom.

    • rennie 0308

      Lamborghini style car…. Lamborghini diablo infernus in game

  • Macethy

    Has Rockstar actually revealed on which platform these screenshots are taken on? I find it hard to believe that they are XBOX/PS3.

    • Melasco

      The gameplay trailer was on PS3, but not sure about the screens. They should look very similar anyways.

  • CypherGate

    This game is becoming more and more worth the price tag!

  • brad coetzee

    screenshots are always “shopped”

  • ElimiNathan

    Aren’t they releasing an official Multiplayer video sometime today ?

    • Vampyre Squirrel

      Multiplayer… with that much space to play in… *drool*

      • ElimiNathan

        Gna be eeeeepic

  • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

    Is it November yet?

  • Liam

    most of these are just from the 2 trailers..

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