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Brand new Battlefield 4 screenshots, don’t shoot the messenger

So a link came across my desk this morning that stated there were 6 brand new Battlefield 4 screenshots, showing the game in in stunning detail. Obviously I instantly clicked to check them out but I have to say I can’t help but feel a little disappointed.

Now I’ve criticised the aesthetic of Battlefield 4 before and was shot down because the game was still in beta. Now apparently these screenshots are also from the beta so I’m just going to stick them here and let you tell me how wrong I am.

battlefield-4-details-4 battlefield-4-details-3battlefield-4-details-2 battlefield-4-details-1battlefield-4-details-6 battlefield-4-details-5

Okay fine I will comment. The soldiers look awesome but the environment and weapons really look like they need some work done.

Now when I played Battlefield 4 on the PlayStation 4 at Gamescom the game looked incredible so maybe it’s just the over critical eye on a screenshot that’s putting me off a bit.

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Author:Gavin Mannion

I'm cranky, arrogant and ever so amazingly annoying but when you get to know me you will also realise I'm honest and incredibly good at describing myself... now pass me that beer

  • Otto_ki

    Was playing the BETA when it was still open, and the looks are nice and feel of combat is amazing. Especially the new aircraft handling im loving…but did expect more from the whole building collapsing, first time was like WOOOOOW and then MEH jump off before I die.

    • TiMsTeR1033

      LEvolution is a lie?

      • Otto_ki

        Yes and No, it’s very cool but will be used a lot in trolling your own team.

        • Kromas

          Sorta is. The said you can destroy buildings.I assumed any and all or at least most buildings.

          Edit: Won’t deny that it is still cool though.

      • Lourens Jordaan

        No, Levolution is cool. It really changes the round you are playing in. The real problem is that it usually occurs within the first ten minutes, It’s just too easy to bring the building down. So there is very little evolution, The round starts, the building comes down, and the other 80% of the round is played in the rubble. I’m really excited about the Paracel storm levolution though. The weather changing gradually and only very much later in the round the palyer gets to choose if he’d want the disabled destroyer close to the action.

        • ToshZA

          I had a few games where the entire game the building stayed up. Next round, same people (mostly) and the building comes down. It was fairly random for me – but I spent half my beta time on the London servers. They’re more organised there though, so the building isn’t an automatic thing – only if it makes sense (one team just can’t take the building from the other, for instance).

          • Lourens Jordaan

            It might have been a “I haven’t taken the building down yet” thing during the early stages of the Beta. It took me about five games before I had enough time to get to the building before it comes down. I played about 20 or so conquest games before heading to the domination servers and that was heaps of fun. Played only two Obliteration games though but it was some serious fun. Didn’t see the building come down during Obliteration though. I would have liked dropping that bitch on the bomb carrier :)

          • ToshZA

            I only played really the last half of the open beta. The last week of Beta. Defending that building or attacking it was always fun. Often though, we’d let the other team keep it and just keep the other 4 points to ourselves. So easy.

            I didn’t play Domination or Obliteration as my friends weren’t playing those modes. I should’ve tried them out, but whatever. I’ll do so when I get the game.

    • Kromas

      And then came the “Don’t destroy the damn building you bastards!,It lags the server out!” And then came the lag and some more lag and some more lag. Then everyone switched to domination.

      • Otto_ki

        YES! every time we had the spawn point on that building, a team mate comes over and destroys the damn building.

      • FSR

        And then people installed nvidia beta drivers and win 8.1 preview and the lag almost dissapeared completely and we were playing the game like it was supposed to be played and we had fun.

        • Kromas

          Framerate drop and lag are 2 different things. When your character rubber bands like hell and you shoot someone only for the rocket to actually shoot 3 seconds later is lag. Or when you try to switch weapons and it immediately switched back to your previous weapon. Good times. Thank DICE for already confirming that the lag issues have been fixed for release.

          • FSR

            yes, thanks, i’m very aware of the differences. A lot of people however weren’t. The game was optimised for Win8, and it ran better on win 8. Dice told us this from the start. The servers weren’t optimised properly yet etc etc. Post patch (that added obliteration) and upgrading to 8.1 preview made a significant performance improvement and the game “felt” less laggy.

          • B4d R0b0t

            Have to say. I was able to play a around or two on the EU server setup for testing of spec mode and some big games…LevelBF did a 32vs32. It was smooth as a babies bottom. Right now we only get to play on in South Africa, any of the BF3 peeps that did svr hosting can tell you, while its suitable, it was very laggy. Think of the local Tomahawk and Sidewinder svrs to relate, they were on

    • Nick de Bruyne

      I must say too, the Levolution thing feels gimmicky at first, but after a while you realise that something even as simple as the building coming down and the dust it creates makes a HUGE difference. Thanks tothe verticality and scale, sniping and anti-air/tank from rooftops is really potent, but bring the building down and visibility becomes very limited and the game starts becoming a more close quarters affair.

      Absolutely scary when you are on a rooftop with an IGLA or RPG trying to kill a chopper, you hear it coming and cant see it for shit until its suddenly right on top of you, rockets and all. Very cool the way it changes the play dynamic. Now I can imagine the bigger levels like the islands really being amazing

  • MacDoodle

    These screen shots look ok not great, the sniper on left 2nd from top doesn’t even look like he’s touching the ground

    • ElimiNathan

      He’s on the ledge

      • MacDoodle

        Which is a great place to be for a sniper, but as there is no shadow where his knee and boot aee touching the ground it almost appears as if he is floating above it

        • ElimiNathan

          He IS floating, what game have you ever seen a character crouching on a raised ledge where his legs perfectly bend off the ledge onto the ground behind ?

          • MacDoodle

            This is next gen so the answer is I haven’t and I wouldn’t expect his legs to bend to the shape of the surface he is on but I would expect to see shading and shadows around the points of contact

          • ElimiNathan

            Yup not even a shadow of his gun there

          • MacDoodle

            Yeah I suppose it also depends where the light source is coming from and I am nit picking but I really want to be blown away by the visuals on these kind of titles

          • B4d R0b0t

            I get the feeling the person who did the screenies had many GFX setting to medium & low and dynamic shadows off. That’s is speculation so do not bank that statement.

      • Corey

        the photos aren’t real.

        • ElimiNathan

          Definitely not real

  • TiMsTeR1033

    Environments look kinda shitty! Soldiers look fantastic!

  • FSR

    Having played the BETA on ultra i’m not concerned at all about the full release. IMHO it looked amazing for a beta. Also, according to the youtubers in the know, that beta was a rather old build. So a lot of the issues we experienced have already been resolved.

    I honestly don’t know what your expectations are. To me the game looks amazing. A few pre-release screenies mean zero in my life. Lets all have a cookie and wait for full release shall we?

  • Brenz

    Well Gavin if you already played it on PS4 and you say it looked incredible, then that must mean that the screenshots you were given are from the Xbone, which would explain why they dont look as good as you remember.

  • MossySloth

    I must say, was playing the BETA (maxed out on a windows 8 PC) and was a little under-awed by the whole experience. Of course there was the lag issue which I’m sure will be resolved, as well as several bugs (like falling out of the elevator while travelling in it and dying, or jumping off furniture and falling to my death) which will no doubt be sorted out, but the whole experience just felt… not as ‘immersive’ as BF3. Sure some controls were slightly more intuitive, and some buildings collapsed and whatnot, but it just lacked depth.

    Maybe I’ll pick it up once a couple of expansions have been released?

    Also, why is one of the tags ‘vaseline’?

    • ToshZA

      Surprisebumsekz. Congratulations, you’ve unlocked the Vaseline tag!

      But having not played any other BF before, I really enjoyed the beta. I didn’t experience said lag issues, even when playing on the London servers with my European friends.

  • B4d R0b0t

    Have to agree, this current build seems a little empty on aesthetics. Check the footage from the EA/DICE event they hosted for all the Youtube personalities. They used Parasol storm and it looked far richer and detailed. It was on a different build, also at rAge the build used there was different to the beta we played, I did no have time to look at it in detail but again looked better than the public beta. Will try find the YT links from the event but Levelcap & Daskro posted vids among many others.

  • Stigmata101

    I must say playing the Beta was playing the must say beta was playing the beta was
    LAGGY as hell :(

    • ToshZA

      I didn’t experience that much, if at all. I guess I was lucky? I think maybe one game (my first) had a lot of “rubber banding”, but after that it was smooth the whole time.

    • Nick de Bruyne

      I actually switched to a German and UK server and while there was more lag in terms of kill delays etc you get on a higher ping, the games ran super smooth, so it must have been something wrong no the SA servers side.

  • Maxiviper117

    The second Pic/ top right one is JackFrags

  • Brian Murphy

    Well, clearly the problem is inferior hardware. Try a PC next time.


  • Corey

    These are SO fake its not even funny.

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