Anti used game technology in PS4 and NXbox is garbage

Michael Pachter has been staring into his crystal ball once more and has declared that the recent rumours of anti-used game technology in the Orbis (PS4) and NXbox (Next Xbox) are total and utter garbage.

In fact he goes on to say the anonymous sources who claim such things are no more reliable than basing your reporting on a monkey.

The rumours apparently started up in 2005 before the PS3’s release after Sony secured a patent for just such a technology but who then decided it’s not the best idea.

In fact he goes on to raise a very good point as to why this will never happen.

Anti-pre-owned consoles would lead to a "consumer backlash" if a platform holder incorporated it alone. "If they all do it, they are susceptible to a collusion charge, and if one does it and the others don’t, the one who does it will see a loss of market share,"

According to Pachter the second hand market amounts to less than 10% of the software sales of the industry and have little to no effect on the Microsoft or Sony at all.

Granted the publishers would love it but retailers would suffer and those are the people that the console manufacturers really care about in the long run.

So for once let’s hope Mr Pachter is right on the money.

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Author:Gavin Mannion

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