2012’s best games according to the critics


Pretty much every video game site on the planet has now posted their list of the best games of 2012 and as always the public are upset. We’ve been called many wonderful things since we voted Black Ops 2 as the best shooter and ClapTrap as the best voice actor but that’s the nature of the beast.

The great thing about having a vocal community is being able to get that valuable feedback from the people we do this for and the best part about being part of the community ourselves is that we can converse and point out that these opinions are always subjective.

But when you take all the top critics in the world and aggregate their opinions you pretty much get a list of the real top games of 2012. Metacritic aggregates all the reviews in the world and have now posted their list of the top games of 2012.

Unfortunately they don’t break it down by genre but the best games on each platform according to the reviewers of the world are as follows. If we’ve reviewed it our score is in brackets


  1. Dishonored – 91 (7.5)
  2. Mark of the Ninja – 91
  3. Guild Wars 2 –  90 (preview)

Xbox 360

  1. The Walking Dead – 95
  2. Mass Effect 3 – 93 (9.5/10)
  3. Far Cry 3 – 90 (9/10 PC Version)

PlayStation 3

  1. Mass Effect 3 – 93 (9.5/10 Xbox Version)
  2. Journey – 92
  3. Borderlands 2 – 91 (9/10 Xbox Version)


  1. Colors 3D – 89
  2. Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward – 87
  3. Crashmo – 85

I’m not even sure any of those are available locally, I for one haven’t seen them


  1. Persona 4 Golden – 94
  2. Rayman Origins – 88 (9/10)
  3. LittleBigPlanet – 88 (9/10)

The scariest thing about this list is that the only one with exclusives ranking high is the 3DS with every other platform having cross platform titles as their top titles.

If this generation is going to be remembered for anything it’s the fact that no one console was fundamentally better than the other.

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