What if the AI had to escort us?


Machinima has put together a pretty hilarious video showing what it would be like if the AI characters had to escort us in the game instead of us holding their hand the entire time.

I think everyone is with me and my utter hate for escort missions in games and maybe that’s why I found this so hilarious.

Be warned though Elizabeth has a bit of a potty mouth in this video.

I do think game developers should put optional side quests in escort missions, I would have loved to see Elizabeth stone Booker to death for his idiotic inability to listen to instructions and just act like a normal freaking person for once.

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Author: Gavin Mannion

I'm cranky, arrogant and ever so amazingly annoying but when you get to know me you will also realise I'm honest and incredibly good at describing myself... now pass me that beer

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  • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew


  • Deon Steyn

    Maybe if she picked up a gun every now and then would I listen to her. But she doesn’t so she has to do things my way. Thank goodness she can’t die.

  • Tbone187

    This game is wayyy overrated imo….Lekker art design and story but the shooting mechanics and physics are lame.

  • OVG OfflineVideoGamer

    ICO did a fine job. Elizabeth is real to me and Star Trek is… blahhhh
    Not looking at the video because Liz is to posh to have a potty mouth 🙁 and we are engaged 😉

  • DaxterZA

    Is there spoilers in this video??

    • OVG OfflineVideoGamer

      No, It is actually quite funny 🙂

  • Pollynator

    Hahahah that is awesome

  • BWAKAKAKAKAKA…. “This is like playing with my f@cking dad.”

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