New Nuketown 2025 gameplay trailer released


I’m pretty excited for Black Ops 2 and so far all my hands on time with the title has been fantastic but there is one thing that I’m really not understanding about the marketing drive for this game and that is Nuketown 2025… what’s the point?

Activision have just released the trailer above and yes it looks like fun and Nuketown was a great map but really is this the best you can do as a pre-order bonus? 1 map and a bonus XP weekend…

For a title that is going to make a billion dollars in the first month and most probably has over $50 million being spent on marketing it this just feels like a bit of a let down.

All I see everywhere is how we must pre-order to ensure we get this 1 map.. 1… really how many people outside of the core Call of Duty players actually care if they will have this map or not?

If you are pre-ordering though then check out Megarom’s awesome pre-order page that shows you all the different types of pre-order bonuses you can get for Black Ops 2 from different local retailers.. yes I’m being facetious.

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Author: Gavin Mannion

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