Mid Wars – bringing more anger issues to Heroes of Newerth players


So after my last article, it turns out that not many of you are really into Heroes of Newerth that much. It’s perfectly understandable considering that the community can be unforgiving, whether you are new to the game or have been playing for your entire life.

Nonetheless, it is the 2 year anniversary of the now F2P game. I remember the good old beta days when there were probably less than 30 heroes to choose from. That hero pool now stands at a staggering 100+ currently, with more being added consistently. To celebrate their birthday, S2 Games are incorporating a new mode into the game – available today!

Mid Wars is not a new concept, but a brand new map and certain changes catered specifically to this game mode will be implemented in the new update. It’s essentially the same premise as before, but the focus is on one lane (the middle lane obviously) instead of three. The spawn times have been reworked and are lower, meaning less time is spent making cups of coffee or going to the mall while you wait to respawn. Average game time is also considerably less, making it easy to jump online and have a quick game or two.

If you’re still not interested, perhaps the video below will make you feel a little differently. The game is Free to Play, so no harm in trying it out, right?


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Author: Matthew Figueira

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