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Dota 2 – The International 2012 documentary

Valve has released a documentary on their The International 2 Dota 2 tournament, which was their second-annual tournament. How many 2’s are in that sentence!

As I was saying The International 2 was the second-annual tournament even though the game is still in beta. A gazillion dollars (i.e. $1.6 million) prize pool with $1 million dollars awarded to the champs, were up for grabs, a purse only teabagged by Riot’s League of Legends Season Two Championships (Seriously, what’s up with all the 2’s O.o) which was 3 gazillion dollars (i.e. $3 million).

Coinciding with The International 2 tournament held at PAX prime this year, Valve made a documentary which has finally landed. The video features interviews with the 16 teams who took part in the tournament, from the preliminaries to the finals. The documentary has been excellently executed, making me all teary eyed and goosebumpy, check it out below.

Hopefully South Africa will have a team competing at that level by next year, the possibility really isn’t that much out of reach. Getting Dota 2 played at the IeSF World Championships is the best way to do that. So don’t forget to go push for the titles you want to see competed in. You can get more info on that, by clicking on this here link right here.

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