A single complaint gets Wii U Ad pulled from TV


The Wii U really is a wonderful console, and one of its surprisingly fantastic features is the ability to stream your games straight to the GamePad, without having to so much as look at the TV. Not every game supports the feature though – and for that reason, Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority has seen fit to pull the Wii U’s TV spot – which highlights the feature – from the air.

All of the grumble and fuss happened because the ASA received just one complaint. Following what I assume to be a costly investigation, the authority concluded that the advert was a sham.

“We considered that the option to switch gameplay to the GamePad controller could be available on all games, and as this was a new console consumers would not have an awareness of whether this was something specific to individual games or a general feature of the console,” the ASA wrote in its report.

“We considered that, in this context, the ad should have made clear that this feature would not be available on all games. Because it did not, we concluded the ad was misleading.”

To be fair, it is probably a bit misleading, but once again, we have a situation where the vocal minority (in this case a minority of 1!) takes the time to complain, and those in charge actually deem it necessary to do something about it. It reminds me an awful lot of when 11 easily offended people got some mildly offensive T-shirts removed from store shelves.

Something about empty vessels making the most noise, probably.

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Anyway, here’s the advert that was pulled because it was misleading. Instead, it should have been removed because it’s just plain terrible.

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Author: Geoffrey Tim

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