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Navy SEALS disciplined for Medal of Honour consultation work

I’ll say one thing about Medal of Honour: Warfighter, it’s pretty damn authentic. It may be a run of the mill shooter that Jim Lenoir thinks deserved some harsh and unfair criticism, but when it comes to painting the world in drab greys and browns, it does so with enough accuracy to actually double as a documentary. That’s thanks to the input the game received from real life military operatives. Except the soldiers who helped out on a certain mission that has zero darkness in thirty places, are kinda in trouble now.

First look at MoH Warfighter’s Zero Dark Thirty

The Zero Dark Thirty Map Pack DLC for Medal of Honor Warfighter is a DLC about the Osama bin Laden assassination, the trailer looks good, but not sure if it’s too soon to be putting it in a game or not.