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New Xbox will work just fine without internet. Maybe

There’s been a lot of grumbling on the internet about the next Xbox’s possible requirement for perpetual internet. Some say that the Xbox (Fusion?) will need to be connected to so much as a run a game, while others are firm that the internet is only there to enhance the system’s feature set. Confusing! In an apparent internal memo to the Xbox Team, Microsoft seems to want to clarify the situation.

No new Xbox until 2014?

It’s generally not prudent to put much stock in to random forum posts from random people – as they quite often tend to be filled with random rubbish, but a post on the Gamespot forums caught my eye. In it, Gamespot forumite ShoTTyMcNaDeS suggests the next Xbox might only see retail in 2014.

The next Xbox’s “always on” is optional

According to numerous rumours, you’re going to need to be connected to the internet just to use the next generation Xbox from Microsoft. This would be stupid, and nobody should have to “deal with it.” New sources say that you won’t have to.

Rumour: The next Xbox needs to be online, always

If there’s just one rumour about Microsoft’s next generation console that keeps rearing its ugly head, it’s unfortunately this one. According to even more sources, the next Xbox is going to require an internet connection all the time, whether you’re playing single or multiplayer games. In fact, they say you’re going to need to be connected just to boot a game up.

Sony’s not worried about the competition

Sony recently unveiled its PlayStation 4 (without actually unveiling it at all) at a grand event. Rumours abound that Microsoft will soon have its own event to Usher in the next gen. Sony is not at all worried about being upstaged., saying that it’s aware of the competition – but happily marches to the beat of its own drum.

FFD: Microsoft needs to bring its “A Game” to next gen

Right. I’m sure many of you are sick to death of the PlayStation 4 news following the systems reveal early yesterday morning. It’s brought about some pretty mixed reception – with some believing Sony hasn’t shown or done enough, hasn’t utilised enough tech, or has just copied Nintendo (again).

FFD: Are next-gen consoles going to cost too much?

Sony’s set to unveil its new PlayStation pretty soon, apparently – but is that sucker going to cost way more than people will be willing to pay? Think of it this way; Nintendo’s getting a ton of heat at the moment because the perception is that its Wii U costs too much.

What do you want from the next Xbox?

Xbox World Magazine is shutting its pages down for good at the end of the year – but it’s going out with a bang instead of whimpering off in to obscurity. In it, they’ve gathered up rumoured details – from their usually spot-on sources – regarding Microsoft’s next console.

Microsoft backtracks on their new Xbox announcement

Yesterday Microsoft made the accidental breakthrough announcement of a new Xbox being prepared for release. Now we all knew it was happening but this announcement was important as it was the first time Microsoft has officially confirmed it… and today they’ve denied they did that.

Microsoft announces they are working on a new Xbox

We all know that Nintendo are releasing their next gen console later this year, Nintendo have shown us the device over the last 2 E3’s and we’ve all been given a hands on session already, which I thoroughly enjoyed. We also know that Sony and Microsoft are working on their next consoles… but did you realise that Microsoft hadn’t admitted to that yet?

Own an Xbox 720 now for $10 000

So here’s a strange story, apparently a developer in Europe who has the twitter handle superdae and possibly one of the most absurd twitter feeds on the planet is apparently putting up his Xbox 720 (Durango) for sale for the not so small amount of $10 000.

Xbox 720 details possibly leaked

Over the weekend an apparent Microsoft internal document was leaked and posted up to the document hosting website scribd, unfortunately that document has now been removed by a law firm associated with Microsoft but what did it originally say?

Next Xbox to require a permanent net connection

Another day, another next-gen console rumour! Speculation about the next crop of gaming hardware from Microsoft and Sony seem to be the news du jour - and today’s no different.

VG247 apparently has the scoop on some of what you’ll find in the next Xbox - currently codenamed Durango.

The Witcher devs think the Xbox pre-played games lock is “a bad thing”

The Witcher devs think the Xbox pre-played games lock is “a bad thing”

Earlier this week, a developer for Volition ranted about how the rumoured pre-played games lock in the next generation Xbox was a fantastic idea. It’s not.

CD Projekt, the guys behind The Witcher have once again spoken sense, saying it "can be a bad thing."

Volition dev says next Xbox’s pre-owned block would be “fantastic”

Rumour and speculation say that the next Xbox will feature some sort of system to lock new games to a single account - effectively shutting the doors on pre-owned game sales. It’s a rumour that’s easy to believe, because publishers are already trying to curb 2nd hand game sales through the use of online passes.

At least one developer thinks it’s a wonderful idea, saying that gamers don’t understand how much the pre-owned market hurts developers.