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PSA: Win a 40″ LED 3D TV from Xbox and World of Tanks

I know you're all suckers for competitions. There's nothing like free stuff to make us happy, and there's a competition that I wish I could take part in, too. Alas, I have integrity and don't feel it's appropriate, but man, I wish I could get this fancy shmancy new TV.

Free to Play games make bank in 2013

Free to Play games get a lot of flak - often referred to as pay to win, it's assumed that you actually need to pay money to enjoy them. While this may or may not be true, the reality is that these games rake in some big bucks, but you may be surprised which ones earn the most money.

Xbox Live “unacceptable for meaningful free-to-play”

I’m really starting to think that the chaps over at Wargaming – the folks responsible for free-to-play phenomenon World of Tanks – didn’t actually read any of their contracts regarding bringing their game to the Xbox 360. Not long after the big announcement, they started getting a bit moany. First, they complained about the game needing Xbox Live Gold, and now they say that Xbox Live’s policies just aren’t suited to their game.

World of Tanks gets a stupidly awesome eSports prize pool

Up until now, Riot’s League of Legends and Valve’s Dota 2 have been hogging the eSports spotlight with their million dollar prize pools, but Wargaming.net wants a piece of the eSports pie. They’ve announced a 2.5 million dollar prize pool for their eSports season of 2013.