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Ubisoft are done with mature Wii U games

Poor Wii U. The console seemed so promising, but poor timing and lack of next generation processing means that it is all but falling away from existence. Watch Dogs will be coming to the console, albeit a few months after its release on others. It will also be the last mature game from Ubisoft that the Wii U will see.

New screens and hairy multiplayer details arrive for Bayonetta 2

I don’t think there’ll ever be another game development studio like Platinum games. And that’s a good thing. This is a studio that even when it fires a dud, manages to turn the mundane into a galaxy-level extinction event. Bayonetta was one such game that went over the top, came back around, and did several more loops through the insanity wheel. And the sequel wants you to share that madness with friends.

The Xbox One as desirable as Wii U after E3

E3 is such a strange experience. At its core, it's still a trade show designed to show off the goods that publishers will be pushing in the coming months and years. While journalists and distributors seem to think about E3 the most when planning their calendars, it's also a big deal for consumers, and helps to formulate buying patterns. This year's E3 shook things up a bit.

Fatal Frame: The horror game the Wii U needs

Though Nintendo had an excellent showing at E3’s and changed a few minds, they are still having a hard time convincing people that the Wii U can afford gamers interesting and unique experiences. Horror games might be just the thing then; ZombiU is still  one of the system’s more intriguing games, and now stalwart horror series Fatal Frame is headed for the system.

E3 2014 – Splatoon hands-on preview

Nintendo announced a new IP during their Nintendo direct, making many gamers pay attention. This isn't another Mario game, but it certainly is a ton of fun, and may just make you need a Wii U.

Mario Kart 8 quadruples Wii U sales

Nintendo’s been banking on Mario Kart to help revitalise the Wii U. It’s one of those games that just has the power to shift Nintendo hardware. And it it looks like it’s done just that, boosting Wii U sales significantly.

The Wii U is outselling the PlayStation 4…

…just for this past week, and only in Japan. Yes, the headline is a bit misleading, but it’s certainly interesting to note that in Media Create’s sales charts for last week, The Wii U is indeed outselling the newly release PlayStation 4 in Japan. It’s odd, as that week saw a high-profile release by way of Infamous: Second Son, while The Wii U saw the release of...nothing of note.

Can a single game save the Wii U?

Nintendo’s Wii U isn’t doing well, but that’s a diatribe you’re tired of hearing. Can it, however,  claw its way back to relevance? Is there anything that can revive consumer interest? Nintendo thinks so. And it thinks that thing is Mario Kart.

Iwata remembers Pokemon sells units

If there's one thing fans have been clambering for, it's Pokemon on the Wii U. Bring us a Pokemon MMO through the Wii U and you might just cause a global economic crisis as everyone spends all their money in game and completely stops working. Could Nintendo be considering this? Well, at least they seem to know of the potential.

Get a free game when you buy Mario Kart 8

My excitement for Mario Kart 8 is pretty well known at this point, and I’ll most certainly be picking the thing up on day 1. In a new Mario Kart 8 focused Nintendo direct today, the company revealed that the game will be getting 12 player online multiplayer, voice chat support (so you can tell those people who hit you with blue shells what you did to their mums last night) and user-created tournaments. It’ll also come with a free game.

Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle confirmed…but it’s pricy

I’ve said it before that Mario Kart 8 is easily my most anticipated game next month – and that’s a month that sees Watch Dogs finally being released. the biggest problem with Mario Kart 8, of course, is that it’s exclusive to the Wii U – a great system that many gamers and the general populace couldn’t care about and don’t own. There’s a new bundle coming to coincide with the game to make amends.

Unity coming to 3DS?

Nintendo embraced Unity for the Wii U, announcing at GDC that 50 games were coming to the console via Unity. Now it seems that the ailing console might not be the only platform to benefit from this new partnership.

Molyneux: Never underestimate Nintendo

Ah, Peter Molyneux. Sure, he created Populous and Fable and is seen as one of the grandfathers of gaming. Sometimes he makes bizarre statements, but I actually agree with his latest comments. Uh oh, what does that say about me?

NPD: Hardware sales up

I love when NPD numbers come out. Mostly because they follow common sense and lead to some inane analysis like "the release of new consoles means that more people are buying hardware" and other such obvious statements. At least we can see which console is "winning" and you may be surprised by the top-selling games of last month.

If Mario Kart were honest…

Yes, I’m looking very forward to Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U. I got to have a go with the game at E3 and rAge this year, and it’s a beautiful, smooth 60fps thrill ride. If we’re being honest though, it really is just more Mario Kart, and I really wish Nintendo would be more honest about its regular rehashes. If you've ever watched any of Screen Junkies’ Honest Trailers, then you know what to expect from this one from Smosh. It’s an Honest Mario Kart Trailer.