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Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 13 Mar 2012

And no, SEGA fans - that doesn’t mean he thinks it’s going to be one of the most amazing consoles ever created - he just thinks it’s not going to sell all that well.

He thinks that - because it’s apparently close to the current consoles in term of spec and graphical horsepower, that it should have been released two or three years ago.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 03 Nov 2011

Last night Rockstar put up the trailer they promised when they first teased Grand Theft Auto V’s announcement. The trailer’s causing a stir on the internet, with gaming communities abuzz with dissections of the trailer, piecing together subtle clues found in the video to better guess what we might expect from the game when it does release.

The professional guessers, the analysts who’re paid to totally make stuff up have been hard at work too, and here’s what they believe GTA V will do in terms of sales and release date.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 29 Mar 2011

Here on Lazygamer, we’ve pretty regularly used sales figures provided by the NPD Group – the market research company that’s tasked with generating monthly lists of top selling games software and hardware in the United States. The figures have been helpful in seeing how well the industry in general is performing – and also to stimulate debate. Last year, the company decided to trim the information they’d publically release their findings, but we still got the juicy bits from industry analysts like Wedbush Morgan’s Michael Pachter. Well, those days are over.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 21 Jan 2011

Your favouwite wavishing pwognosticator fwom Wedbush Morgan, has in the wake of the Nintendo’s awesome 3DS announcement, think that the Japanese company has “blown it” with regards to a successor to their runaway success, the Wii.

“With as much respect for Nintendo management as I can muster,” he said to IndustryGamers “I think Nintendo’s completely blown it with their second generation Wii strategy.”

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 06 Dec 2010

As a gamer on the go, I’m quite fond of portable gaming devices. I love my DS with all my heart, but since acquiring an iPhone I’ve been carrying my DS with me less and less. While most iOS games aren’t quite as fully-fledged as their DS counterparts, some are surprisingly comprehensive and fill my needs of 10 minute gaming-on-go sessions quite adequately..although some buttons would be nice.

Wedbush Morgan prognosticator du jour Michael Pachter believes that traditional handheld gaming might be going the way of the dodo, and if my own mobile gaming habits are any sort of indication, he may actually be right for a change.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 22 Jan 2009

Whenever there are prospects of a good fight people gather around, spurring on the combatants, driven by a macabre desire to see gratuitous violence and a maybe even a little blood. Inevitably there is always some spoilsport who comes along trying to maintain some semblance of peace and harmony, ruining it for the rest of us. Today, that person is Wedbush Morgan’s gypsy ball-gazer Michael Pachter. He’s here to stop Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg from kicking SCE’s Kaz Hirai in the shin. In fact, he reckons they ought to hug, because they are in fact both right. How can such disparate opinions be correct? Pachter explains! "Aaron Greenberg is right that Sony likely won't catch Microsoft in the U.S. until at least 2014. Kaz is right that Sony will likely catch Microsoft globally” He goes further, prognosticating that 2011 will see a “dead heat” between the bitter rivals. He points out that Sony’s repeated dominance over Microsoft in Japan is the reason the war is not quite over yet. I suspect this is not the last we’ll hear from these particular corporate mouthpieces; there’s rumour they’re meeting in the park after school for some good, old-fashioned fisticuffs. Source : Gamedaily

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 13 Jan 2009

Wedbush (Why do I feel like Elmer Fudd every time I say that?) Morgan's gaming-industry soothsayer Michael Pachter has consulted his crystal ball and is anticipating an April price cut to Sony’s gaming behemoth. He expects Sony to reduce the price of the PlayStation 3 to $299, in an effort to spike console sales.

Similarly, he predicts Microsoft to slash the price of the Xbox 360 Pro SKU to $249. There are no expected price cuts for the Nintendo Wii, but why should there be? That sucker sells like donuts at an overeater's anonymous convention.

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