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Ubisoft revenue up 374% thanks to Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs was one of the most anticipated games of last year, which was then delayed into this year. Many questioned if Ubisoft could keep the hype train going, but they needn't have worried - Watch Dogs not only shipped 8 million copies, it pushed up Ubisoft's revenue. One console even proved to be the best partner.

Modders add diversity to Watch Dogs…in the wrong way (NSFW)

Watch Dogs may have one of the most unfathomably uninteresting protagonists in all of videogamedom. Aiden Pierce is yet another 30-something white guy, in a sea of 30 something white guys. What Watch Dogs needs is a little diversity. But not like this. Oh no, not like this.

Why Ubisoft hid Watch Dogs PC graphics options

As you already likely know, some clever clogs has found a way to unlock a number of graphical options hidden within the PC version of Watch Dogs.  They make the game look, for all intents and purposes, like the stunning E3 reveal. We suspect they were disabled so that console gamers don’t feel like they drew the short straw, but Ubisoft says that’s not the case.

Watch Dogs PC patch will sort out your graphics

You all know Watch Dogs. It’s that hit PC game where players can hack their way through a corrupt totalitarian regime with a magic cell-phone before hacking the human body with a baton and bullets when the heat is on. And like most games these days, it’s getting a patch. A patch that should make it oh so much prettier.

Ubisoft’s Nvidia partnership to continue

Watch Dogs on the PC is for many, still quite a mess. It’s just not performing as well as it should. The situation’s even worse for those who use AMD hardware, as the game’s been optimised for Nvidia’s technologies as part of Nvidia and Ubisoft’s GameWorks collaboration. It’s a partnership that’s set to continue.

Watch Dogs breaks more records

Last week, I told you about Watch Dogs smashing the record for fastest selling Ubisoft game. Now, it has broken a bunch of new sales records, proving just how profitable the new IP is. I guess it's a sure thing - Ubisoft will have to make a bunch more games in the franchise.

The winner of the Watch Dogs hamper – and more ways to win!

I’m currently too broke to afford a copy of Watch Dogs, but that’s what happens when you have a crippling Batman addiction. And while my attempts to hack into the banks using a state of the art 386 PC have failed spectacularly, there are easier and less risky ways out there to help me get what I want.

Watch Dogs has become UK’s biggest new IP launch

For what seems to be forever we’ve been inundated with Watch Dogs marketing. Everywhere you look – yes, even here -  you’ll see an advert, a trailer or some other bit of marketing guff  for Ubisoft’s open-world hacking playground. Thankfully, that’ll be winding down now as we make way for the the next best thing. It looks though as if all that marketing has been paying off. We already know that the game is doing pretty well, smashing the company’s sales records. It’s is now the UK’s biggest new IP launch in the history of video games.

Watch Dogs smashes Ubisoft sales records

While they haven't let the hackers loose on their books yet to tell us exact numbers, Ubisoft has come out saying that Watch Dogs is the fastest selling Ubisoft game in the publisher's history. I suppose that delay did actually mean the game is a better product, making people want to get their hands on it.

uPlay downtime ruining Watch Dogs launch

We – or rather I,  unfortunately, have to eat a bit of crow. In April, we told you that uPlay was only needed to activate Watch Dogs, and you wouldn’t need to run that bloated, awful service in tandem with Steam to have the game working. We were wrong. We got this information directly from our Ubisoft rep, and believed it. It was, perhaps, bad information; the game unfortunately does need that rubbish in order to run, though you can set uPlay to play offline once it's gobbled up your CD Key.  We’re awfully sorry about that. We apologise to anyone who bought the game on our info, and has to endure uPlay. Surprise, surprise - it’s causing issues for people at launch.

Hack your way to a Watch Dogs hamper

Firstly, please don’t actually hack anything. Watch dogs is out today, and thanks to the beautiful people at Ubisoft, we’ve got a smashing Watch Dogs hamper to give away, including a copy of the game on PlayStation 4. Here’s what you can win.

Watch Dogs review round up

Watch Dogs stole the show at E3 in 2012. After a downgrade and a delay or two, Ubisoft’s highly anticipated, open-world hacking sandbox is finally upon us. If you’ve read our review, you’ll know that I rather enjoyed my time in Watch Dogs sandbox. What do other critics think?

Watch Dogs review – Quis custodiet ipsos custodogs

Everything is connected… and they’re watching you. That was one of of the themes of Orwell’s 1984, and now 30 years after that iconic dystopian date, we have Watch Dogs, where Big Brother is an interconnected series of networks that runs a smart city. ctOS: The CenTral Operating System. Everything is connected. The power grid, transportation, profiles on every single inhabitant in the city. Everything. But who controls the system that controls Chicago. Who watches the watchmen, and what would happen if control of the system ended up in the wrong hands?

Watch Dogs Ultra and Low PC settings compared

I can tell you, with a degree of certainty, that Watch Dogs is a mighty fine looking game on the PlayStation 4. If you have a high-specced PC, it’ll look even better. But what about those packing specs on the lower end of the spectrum? How good is Watch Dogs going to look? Wonder no more.

Over 3 hours of Watch Dogs gameplay footage right here, including some brand new multiplayer

The Watch Dogs review embargo lifts on the 27th of May, the same day the game is available for retail. Personally I’m always very wary of any game that doesn’t allow reviews to be published before release date.