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Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 17 Mar 2015

Battlefield Hardline is Dead Space developer Visceral’s first stab at the shooter – and they’ve given it a bit of an overhaul. Gone is the focus on the military and warfare, and in its place put cops and robbers who blow everything up as if it was war anyway. The game is now out in the US, which means reviews have started hitting the internet. As it’s a game that relies rather heavily on its server performance, many outlets are doing a “review in progress.” Here’s what critics think.

Posted by Zoe Hawkins - 13 Jan 2015

Sometimes, all you want in a game is the ability to chase after a bad guy and shoot him with one of 51 weapons. Or maybe you want to kill using a tank or chopper instead. Whatever your method of destruction, Battlefield Hardline is determined to make it happen for you. Here are some new details about the game.

Posted by Zoe Hawkins - 08 Jul 2014

Recently, a bunch of people got into the Battlefield Hardline Beta. In general, these types of semi-open Betas are to help developers find bugs, fix balancing or deal with server issues. But this video from Visceral Games says it's also about staying on message and using feedback.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 02 Apr 2013

Mexico, as you know from the stereotypes and clichés perpetuated by countless games, films and TV shows is a place of lawlessness. Criminal gangs, the drug cartels, ruthlessly rule over Mexico’s city streets with an iron fist and a loaded gun. That’s the Mexico we’re presented with in Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel, a game that clings to such stereotypes and clichés like an insecure child to his mother’s apron strings.

Posted by Garth Holden - 13 Feb 2013

Dead Space 3 arrived and I was excited, despite all my groaning about reveals of co-op, a pay to win structure and the fact that the game is about going to a frozen planet instead of being, you know, in space. So with the sound turned up way too high, the lights dimmed and my newly purchased adult diaper firmly in place, I was ready to face the necromorphs and pause to grab the calming meds if needed...

Then I started fighting humans.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 29 Jan 2013

We already know that the Pc version of action-horror Dead Space 3 will be little more than a port of the console versions, without much in the way of PC-centric enhancements, such as Direct X 11 support. Dead Space director Steve Papoutsis is shocked that people even care, and you PC gamers should pretty much be happy that you’re getting the game in the first place.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 23 Jan 2013

The Master Race demands nice things; and by nice things I mean a swathe of video and graphical settings, DirectX 11, and super high-resolution textures. The PC version of Dead Space 3 will contain none of these things.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 10 Sep 2012

I love the Dead Space franchise, most probably because it filled in the survival-horror gap that Resident Evil left when it opted to be an all-out action experience. Unfortunately, Dead Space has mostly done the same now - though Visceral maintains that Dead Space 3 will scare the pants off of you. There’s a lot of pressure on Visceral to deliver - and that pressure’s just been increased, because Dead Space 3, says executive producer Steve Papoutsis, is going to go beyond being “triple A,” by being Quad-A. Wait…what?

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 04 Jun 2012

EA once again made the beautiful and historic Orpheum theatre its home - and took the opportunity to show off its latest games - starting the proceedings with a bit of Dead Space 3.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 02 Mar 2011

Visceral Games is the studio that brought you the pants-wettingly scary Dead Space and its decidedly less scary, but ultimately more polished sequel. They were also responsible for the enjoyable, but flawed God of War clone inspired Dante’s Inferno. According to a job listing, the team is currently hard at work on a brand new, “bold” triple-A IP.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 08 Feb 2011

Visceral and EA’s survival horror sequel Dead Space 2 has been garnering near universal praise, even getting an exceptionally high 9.4 from our own Nick. One gamer who was less than impressed with the title, primarily because of its lack of input customisation is Gareth Garratt, who’d like to be able to map walking forward to his mouse so he can push it with his chin. Why? Gareth suffers from cerebral palsy, which results in heavily impaired motors functions and physical disability. Amazingly, the developers have obliged, and a patch is on the way that’ll allow for full remapping of the controls for the Pc version.

Posted by Miklós Szecsei - 03 Feb 2011

Ashley is a gamer, just like any other gamer. Like most, she’s loving the hell out of Dead Space 2. It turns out, however, that her dog is not. In fact, during her first playthrough of the game her dog knocked over her Xbox 360, which utterly destroyed her copy of Dead Space 2 in the process. Bummer. She then did what most people would have: she hopped onto the internet and proceeded to moan about her lot in life. With tears in her eyes the poor woman tweeted about just how cruel the universe is, but someone from Visceral Games was listening and PMed her asking for her address.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 31 Jan 2011

So you’ve not yet bought Visceral Games’ visceral survival horror Dead Space 2, but Nick’s overwhelmingly positive review’s managed to force your hand. Suppose you’re a multi-console gamer, not sure which one’s best for you.

Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry has done its usual bit by comparing the console versions for any signs of disparity between them. Which version fared best?