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The Gamescom Bloodborne demo is dark

We all knew that Dark Souls was going to be a dark game - it says so in the name. From Software is now bringing us Bloodborne and you can see the section of the game that they showed off at Gamescom. Prepare to lose some of your own hope and humanity.

Metal Gear Solid V Multiplayer footage leaked

Metal Gear Solid has a, well, weird showing at Gamescom. Hideo Kojima focused on some of the new things you can do with the famous cardboard box, horse poop and extracting helicopters into other helicopters. Sadly, he didn't show off probably the most interesting part of The Phantom Pain.

Venus is a lush, deadly getaway in Destiny

Destiny might not have as many planets as, say, No Man's Sky, but that doesn't mean much if the planets themselves are large, detailed and fun to explore. We've seen Earth, a little bit of Mars and now Bungie has released the first look at a lush, tropical Venus.

Watch Skylanders in action on iPad

By far the best technical innovation that I saw at Gamescom was Skylanders on iPad. Geoff had already raved about it, but when I saw it for myself I was duly impressed. During an interview, we demoed it so you can see for yourself just how cool it is.

Day 3 video wrap up

Gamescom is over and I’ve survived. Just barely, but at least I managed to see all the awesome things, get hands on with some really fun games and meet some cool people. My feet are beyond the point of being sore and I think I’ve lost whatever mental capacity that I once had. Here’s a video so you can see for yourself.

Gamescom day two wrap-up video

I am so tired, oh so very tired. I have honestly never felt this sort of ache in my feet in all of my existence. Still, I am having one hell of a blast. I could not have asked for more on my first ever Gamescom Expo! Here’s what we got up to on Day 2 of the show.

We stalk and interview Mike Bithell

After playing Thomas Was Alone last year, you guys know I developed something of a fangirl crush on Mike Bithell. His game was awesome and one of my favorite gaming experiences of the year. While most of my stalking has been limited to the normal stuff like twitter following, it culminated today when I tracked him down and had a really rather awesome chat on camera.

Check out the Swag area at Gamescom!

I was really excited to come to Gamescom to play games and see all the things. What I was equally excited for was all the merchandise that would be available. The expo didn’t disappoint. I am so broke right now!

Check out our PlayStation press conference video

After a journey through the rain, our unusual trio (an American, a Porra and a Chinese guy walk into a bar…) ended up at the Sony press conference. Lured with a promise of new gameplay reveals and plenty of food, we were glad to see what Sony had to offer. We even got Matthew an awesome spot for recording this video.

We made a video of the Xbox Press conference

What a busy day! While Gamescom press conference day isn’t nearly as hectic as E3’s, it does involve a lot of running around and occasionally getting some free beer or sausage. The first press conference was Microsoft’s and you can check our entire live blog as well as the ridiculous amount of articles on the event.  Or here is a glorious video of the goings on.

Gamescom 2014 – WiLD, where you can play as anything you want

Here’s something that hasn’t really been explore in games before. What if I wanted to soar like an eagle? Hunt prey in a pack of wolves? Swim upstream with all the other tasty salmon? Well, now there’s a game for that.

Gamescom 2014 – Mordor crumbles in Shadow of Mordor

Shadow of Mordor has slowly crept onto my radar ever since its first reveal. It’s looking more and more unique with every trailer we see, and that didn’t stop at Sony’s press conference.

Catch the multiplayer reveal of Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare right here!

Playing Call Of Duty for the single-player gameplay is the equivalent of reading a lad mag for the articles. In other words, nobody is going to believe you. And that’s because Call Of Duty has built up a solid multiplayer foundation over the years, with each new game bringing changes to the table, from care packages to killstreaks that end with someone getting a shotgun bukkake to the face. Advanced Warfare is the name of the next Call Of Duty. Here’s what the multiplayer looks like in action.

Become the ultimate survivor in Dying Light

Is the zombie genre of gaming running dryer than creatively bankrupt Savannah beer commercials? Quite possibly, yes it is. That’s because most developers aren’t exactly adding anything new to the genre, relying on the same old clichés and jump-scares in order to sell their game. One title that actually feels like a fresh spin on zombie killing and survival though? Dying Light, which will have you cursing like a sailor when the sun goes down.

Meet the fashionable Xperia T3

You guys know I'm just oh so popular, right? I mean, I'm way more fun and outgoing than the guys, plus I like to play dress up. Okay, it's probably just that fashionable part that caused it, but I was invited to a launch (yes, another one) this past week and it was really rather awesome.