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Finally – Sharknado gets a video game adaptation

Ah cinema. The home of such classic films like Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai, the sophisticated art nouveau of Citizen Kane and masterpieces such as Un Chien Andalou. Testicles to those movies, because nobody watches them. Instead, I want something trashy, consumable and memetic, like the made for terrible TV gems such as Sharknado. And it’s about damn time that such a film got a video game tie-in.

This is the Rambo game that the world deserves

Now, I may have a love for terrible games, judging by the fact that I bought both Fist of the North Star titles, but even I have my limits. Enter Rambo, the latest movie video game, which might just be the straw that breaks the back of camel hump. By all accounts, there is nothing in this game worth experiencing. But it isn’t the only Rambo game on the market.

Whore of the Orient taken to the human rights commission

Whore of the Orient is a videogame being developed by Team Bondi, the company behind L.A. Noire. The very company that has often been accused of mistreating staff by treating them like pieces of meat…

Win amazing prizes with Lazygamer.net’s Last Stand and Splinter Cell

I love my milestones, and today is yet another one of those incredible milestones in the history of Lazygamer. Today we officially become indie game developers with the release of our very first game called Lazygamer.net Last Stand.

Attack on Titan gets a 2014 video game

I’ve been off the dreaded Anime dope for quite a few years now, but I recently relapsed when I saw a snippet of Attack on Titan. It’s one of the best shows that I’ve seen in recent years, and doesn’t rely on a protaganist who is a combination of deadly fighting skills, insane hunger pangs and borderline retarded IQ stats. And now, it’s getting a game.

Star Trek Review Round Up – The wrath of Khan’t play it

Video games. The final frontier. These are the adventures of the SS Lens Flare. It’s ongoing mission: To chart the co-op of the new Star Trek video game. To boldly go where no noob has gone before. DAAAA DA DA DA! DA DA DA DAAAAAA DA DA!

The Star Trek Video game… the story

When I think of Star Trek video games I immediately think of 1313… yes that was the sound of a million trekkies and Star Wars fans screaming in unison about how wrong I am… But seriously I have to admit I haven’t been following this particular game,  but this latest video detailing the story behind the game has me interested.

Top ten kickass console mods

Hey, it’s not just the PC master race that has the time to rip the motherboard out of a PC tower and throw into a case of pure hipster-killing coolness. Consoles have also been on the modding scene for years now, with everything ranging from retro to current on that specific chopping block. Here’s our top ten of moulded plastic and cartridge entry ports.

Logitech waves goodbye to console accessories

At some point in this hobby, we’ve all plonked down some serious cash for some serious extension to our gaming habits. I’m talking about input devices that were meant for one kind of game only, from joysticks through to steering wheels. And chances are, you’ve probably bought a piece of Logitech hardware when doing so.  Generally decent and not badly priced, Logitech peripherals have been a mainstay on store shelves for years. That’s about to change though, as the company is deciding to draw the curtain on producing such gear.

The top ten worst gaming cosplays…ever

Dressing up as your favourite video game/manga/anime/movie/my little pony character can be a fun and challenging experience. It doesn’t matter what you look like though, because putting some time and effort into a project pays off handsomely in the end. There’s nothing like good cosplay, but unfortunately, these following images are nothing like good cosplay.

All the teasers for the VGA Awards, right here!

Teasers. Teasers for trailers, which are in fact teasers for something bigger. Man, whoever came up with that idea, should be flogged, beaten and shot,  with brief snippets of that torture broadcast at various intervals to any agency who gets a similar idea in the future. The Spike VGAs are on this weekend, and like every year before it, it’s promising a few new debuts. Here’s a round up of all of them so far, because dedicating entire posts to just ten second clip would be lazy, amirite?

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn review – Thundering platforming typhoons!

With a movie on the horizon, based on the cult classic books by Belgian artist and writer Herge, the time is finally right for a Tintin game, even if it takes its inspiration more from the film than directly from the original source material.

But can the intrepid young reporter and his faithful canine make a successful leap into another new medium, or are we playing Tintin: The secret of the never-any-good movie adaptation video game?

We are the gaming 99%


If you’re not aware of it yet, it seems that the American economy is speeding off to yet another financial disaster quicker than that damn Roadrunner bird after he has ingested a few lines of cocaine.

Everybody is understandably pissed off, and the finger-pointing is flying wild in all directions. One group of American citizens, who somehow never learnt to live within their means, have started a movement aimed at the bankers of wall street, flinging all kinds of verbal abuse and catchy placards at their allegedly corrupt purposes and government-sponsored bailouts. For they are the 99% apparently.

But hey, its not just a bunch of US citizens with a financial axe to grind that are in the 99% you know. Video game minions have been treated unfairly for decades now, and taking a cue from the wall street movement, they’ve started their own 99% movement, courtesy of Dorkly.

Halloween costume options for gamers

It may not be one of our official holidays, but we do love Halloween here in SA. If we’re not stealing candy from naive kids out trick or treating, then we’re most likely at a bar watching a costume contest, where ladies dress up as slutty anythings. Who would have thought a nurse outfit that was two sizes too tight could be so appealing?

Right now, it’s probably too late to snag any decent costume, with the majority of them having been booked already for the weekend. Still, you can prepare yourself for next years halloween, and what better way to do so than with an outfit inspired by your favourite gaming icons?

Adventure Times’ Pendelton Ward is keen on a game adaptation

What? You don’t know what Adventure Time is? Sir, I don’t know you. If you’re unfamiliar with the series, consider it mix of Dungeons & Dragons, 8 bit Atari games and a truckload of adult innuendo laced with LSD. Episodes generally feature at least one video game reference, and it seems that series creator, Pendleton Ward, is keen on having the hit series adapted into its own video game.