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Has Valve secretly released Source 2?

Valve’s Dota 2 just had a new set of workshop tools released, and there seems to be something different about them. So different, that some are claiming that the tools are actually part of Valve’s fabled Source 2 Engine.

Valve want Compendium Rewards and Techies by end of August

Last week I went all tinfoil hat and wrote about how Valve could be screwing with us and the release of Techies. I’m an idiot, ignore everything I said! They would never play with our hearts and expectations by not releasing something ever, right?

Relive the Dota 2 International with this top plays compilation

I love DotaCinema on YouTube. They are my number one source for Dota 2 videos which include top plays, fails, and everything in-between. Lot’s of their footage gets love from W200me, who does some amazing editing on any video he touches. They’ve teamed up once more to put together all the top plays from The International.

When will Techies be available in Dota 2?

The Dota 2 hero Techies is something the community has been wanting for a very long time. Remember the compendium from The International last year? It’s almost laughable when compared to this year's one, but the maximum planned stretch goal was $3,200,000. It was never reached. The reward for reaching it would have allowed the community to choose the next hero to be released into the game. Anybody can tell you that Techies would have won that contest hands down.

The International had more than 20 million viewers

The International is well behind us,  and it saw Chinese team Newbee winning a very casual $5 million in prize money. I know there are many of you in the Lazygamer community who strongly dislike or have little regard for Dota 2 (or MOBAs in general), but I take comfort in knowing that there are at least 20 million other people who find it as fascinating as I do.

Check out Portal Stories: an upcoming mod for Portal 2

Portal 2 is easily one of my top games of all time. Valve really worked some magic, turning a “simple” puzzle game into one of the most entertaining narratives I’ve ever experienced. Story aside, the gameplay was also addictive, with the portal gun offering interesting mechanics. I could always do with some more, and it looks like I am getting my wish.

New, original heroes are coming to Dota 2 soon

I know what you're thinking. The International is over, so why is there still DOTA news taking up space on the main page? Well that's simple, DOTA 2 is a damned good multiplayer game that will probably never get old, and very soon Valve is going to add their own footprint on the game.

Valve’s controller may be getting a thumbstick

Valve’s entering the hardware game. As masters of service delivery, they’ll soon be deploying licenced third party hardware in the form of Steam Machines; little Linux-powered set-top boxes that die-hard Pc gamers can wilfully ignore. I’m far more interested in Valve’s revolutionary controller with its odd haptic feedback.

The International 4 Finals: The Winners!

If you had to sum up this year’s DOTA 2 International tournament, you’d probably end up using the word ‘unpredictable’. The giants crashed out early, the favourites slowly fell near the end and the underdogs ruled the roost. I mean, who would’ve thought a team that nearly failed at the Playoff stages would end up dominating the competition at the Main Event, eventually taking the crown? Not many, but NewBee were out to impress.

The International: playoffs end, main event kicks off this Friday

Yes I know, you’ve reached your quota of tolerance towards Dota 2 news long ago, but we are nearly at the end, and by end, I mean the beginning of the main event of The International! The playoffs are done and the teams have been placed according to their performances. Eight teams have been sent packing, leaving the other eight with better odds at grabbing a larger percentage of that $10 million dollar cash pool.

Counter-Strike could get Dota 2 style “International”

Valve isn't just about Steam, you know. They are also the brains behind Dota 2 and Counter-Strike. Those brains are being rewarded with the success of The International, and they might want to give similar treatment to other games in Valve's stable.

The International: Alliance failed to defend their crown

The International 4 didn’t take a break this weekend, shoving teams into back to back encounters that decided who would reach the Main Event. Saturday was a wide open affair, with Phase Two still being a complete mess of results that could’ve allowed literally anyone through. There were upsets, really odd matches and some stunning comebacks, but at the end of the day six teams had to go home.

The International: Alliance falls apart while Cloud 9 shines

The International 4 is now gathering steam, with more than a handful of teams battling out for a spot in the finals last night. Many of the favourites struggled against smaller teams, while wildcard winners Team Liquid were one of the teams to beat on the night. But who has their head on the chopping block for today’s matches?

Steam not charging local digital tax, yet

The gaming community was in a state of uproar earlier this year when it was revealed that we would start being charged the standard 14% VAT on digital purchases on the 1st of April this year.

What will Valve be showing at Gamescom?

Valve have been pretty quiet in the gaming department for quite a long time now, focusing their efforts on their hardware instead. They may be headed to Gamescom this year though, so what exactly will they be exhibiting?