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Posted by Zoe Hawkins - 23 Oct 2014

Okay, maybe not exactly, but this new interactive experience might at least give you a taste of the game in a weird way. It's basically just a series of point and click rapid adventures, one released already and the rest coming soon. However, it certainly sets the tone for the game.

Posted by Zoe Hawkins - 11 Jul 2014

Watch Dogs was one of the most anticipated games of last year, which was then delayed into this year. Many questioned if Ubisoft could keep the hype train going, but they needn't have worried - Watch Dogs not only shipped 8 million copies, it pushed up Ubisoft's revenue. One console even proved to be the best partner.

Posted by Zoe Hawkins - 02 Jul 2014

Most people are excited about the games coming from Ubisoft. People enjoyed Watch Dogs and are amped for the upcoming Assassin's Creed and Far Cry iterations. Of course, everyone hates that horror which is Uplay - and not even a court case could kill it.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 28 May 2014

We – or rather I,  unfortunately, have to eat a bit of crow. In April, we told you that uPlay was only needed to activate Watch Dogs, and you wouldn’t need to run that bloated, awful service in tandem with Steam to have the game working. We were wrong. We got this information directly from our Ubisoft rep, and believed it. It was, perhaps, bad information; the game unfortunately does need that rubbish in order to run, though you can set uPlay to play offline once it's gobbled up your CD Key.  We’re awfully sorry about that. We apologise to anyone who bought the game on our info, and has to endure uPlay. Surprise, surprise - it’s causing issues for people at launch.

Posted by Zoe Hawkins - 08 Apr 2014

Watch Dogs is almost upon us. While I will probably be opting to play it on console, I know plenty of you "Master Race" gamers will be downloading it through Steam. Unfortunately, Steam won't be the only thing you need to get your hands on the hacking adventure.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 28 Mar 2014

One of the worst things about playing Ubisoft’s otherwise excellent PC games is that they’re saddled with that blasted uPlay nonsense. It’s especially egregious when the digital versions of those games are purchased through Steam – causing both bits of DRM to hog up memory. South Park: The Stick of Truth abandoned uPlay on the PC, and rumour suggests Watch Dogs may do the same, by using Steam.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 05 Feb 2014

Ubisoft publishes and makes some great games, but PC gamers tend to avoid them like the plague. That mostly comes down to the fact that just about every single Ubisoft game on Pc launches through Ubisoft’s Achievement and Reward and absolutely not DRM system, uPlay. Good news for South Park fans, as its been confirmed that the system wont be required for The Stick of Truth.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 03 Dec 2013

If you’re playing the rather excellent Assassin’s Creed IV on one of the next gen systems, you probably already know that there’s a uPlay bug that’s preventing you from getting the most out of the game. Yes, that bloody awful uPlay DRM nonsense is making things break on console too now.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 01 Nov 2013

Online passes suck. Those little bits of code that lock features of a game behind a paywall or code entry box are the bane of gamers without functional internet. Usually, they’re used to wall off multiplayer in the hope that second hand purchasers shell out for that privilege. for Assassin’s Creed IV, Ubisoft did a bit of a dick move, and locked single player content behind one such walls. People, naturally, were none too happy. Ubisoft has listened.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 25 Feb 2013

PC Gamers have a certain disdain for Ubisoft – and for very good reason. In the past, It’s saddled its inferior PC ported games with draconian, always-on DRM. They stopped doing that quite some time ago – but gamers have never really forgiven Ubisoft, because the company still seems to focus on consoles, and when PC games do come, they tend to be released significantly later. Ubisoft wants to change that.

Posted by Yolanda Green - 20 Feb 2013

Some one must have heard my desperate prayers, because Electronic Arts and Ubisoft are now offering each other’s titles on Uplay and Origin. I actually think that this is a really, really awesome thing. Since I was pleasantly surprised with Uplay and prefer it to Origin.