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Hearth Battles: Manaburn tournament

Hearth Battles: Manaburn tournament



Hearth Battles first tournament, Manaburn!  Hosted by the Hearth Battles Team. 


  • This tournament is a single elimination tournament
  • All games up to and including Quarter Finals is best out of 3, Semi-finals and Finals best out of 5
  • No restriction on decks
  • Players are allowed to swap heroes whether they win or lose
  • Screen shots of all games need to be taken to assure correct person is played against and at end of game for result of Victory/Defeat
  • All scores to be reported immediately to Tournament Director of the day


Up for grabs for the winner of the tournament is a R250 voucher to the My Gadgets website. This prize is not redeemable for cash and is valid for any purchase from the My-gadgets.co.za website


Tournament Date: 15 March
Time: 18:00 PM
Check in: 17:30 PM


Description: Manaburn Tournament 
Registration opens at 18-02-2014 08:00
Registration closes at 14-03-2014 23:59

Players must register here to be entered into the tournament.




On Tuesday the 11th of March we will see up to 32 of South Africa’s TOP DOTA 2 teams compete over the course of a week  for some of the best prizes seen in  South African online competitions.

Prize Breakdown:

3rd: R1000
4th – 7th: R250

NB: Details on prizes will be updated if further support is attained.

Entrance Fee:

R250 a team (R50 a player)

Entrance Criteria:

5 Members a team + 2 free substitutes (optional)

1st 8 Registered Teams entered into Double Elim Bracket – Remaining teams become reserves till 16 teams are reached.
1st 16 Registered Teams entered into Double Elim Bracket – Remaining teams become reserves till 32 teams are reached.
1st 32 Registered Teams entered into Double Elim Bracket – Remaining teams become reserves till 64 teams are reached.

This rule has been enforced to ensure an even bracket at all times!

If the tournament  does not reach a minimum of 16 entrees before the closing date, such tournament will be cancelled and moved to an undecided, future date. All cash will be refunded to teams who have already payed, but only if there was an entrance fee for the tournament in question.

Tournament Schedule (Catered for 32 teams):

Schedule will be updated on final day of registrations depending on amount of teams!

All teams must be clear of the schedule as a 15 minute grace period is granted for late arrivals. If a team is not able to start after the 15 minute grace period, then a forfeit win will be awarded to the opposing team for the purpose of staying on schedule!


Tuesday 11th March
7:00pm – Till Completion (Approximately 11:00pm)
Play WB Round 1 + WB Round 2. (2 Matches of BO3)
Play LB Round 1 (1 Match of BO1)
Wednesday 12th March
7:00pm - Till Completion (Approximately 11:00pm)
Play LB Round 2 + LB Round 3. (2 Matches of BO1)
Play WB Round 3. (1 Match of BO3)
(Thursday 13th March)
7:00pm - Till Completion (Approximately 11:00pm)
Play WB Round 4 (1 Match of BO3)
Play LB Round 4 + LB Round 5. (2 Matches of BO1)
Saturday 15th March
5:00pm - Till Completion (Approximately 11:00pm)
Play WB Semi Final. (1 Match of BO3)
Play LB 6 – LB Final (3 Matches of BO1) then (1 Match of BO3 in LB Final)
Sunday 16th March
6:00pm - Till Completion
Grand Final. (1 Match of BO5)

Are you good at COD and want $1 million? Then click here

We’ve mentioned the $1 million COD tournament before but hey it’s a million dollars so we surely have to mention it again. The entries close in 16 days time and there are already 19 teams entered but only 4 have actually completed all the requirements.

FUTball.co.za FIFA 14 Xbox 360 1 V 1 tournament

FUTball.co.za's first Head 2 Head tournament is here. Its time to lace up and face up. Show them who owns that pitch.

It will be an online tournament so players must register here at http://futball.co.za/?p=63 and add the event organiser’s Gamertag ctrlaltdelza to enter. As it's online, players will need their own access to the game and an Xbox360.

It’s a 1 vs 1 tournament. The winner will receive an Xbox gift card to the value of R170.

Type: Single Elimination (Best of 3 Games)

Entry fee: Free!

Own FIFA 14 on 360? If so, you should definitely enter!



Don’t forget to register for DGL

Have you been watching our awesome event calendar? See, DGL registrations for the summer leg are open now, but they won't be forever, so you really should register now.

Tell us where the party’s happening

Over here at lazygamer, we like to have a good time. Sure, that good time normally involves a strange mixture of grunting and alcohol, except for Darryn who exchanges alcohol for his own hand. No really, we want to hear about all your cool events, parties, tournaments and shindigs.

No, Xbox One DRM isn’t killing Killer Instinct

I’ve seen a number of worrying reports that Xbox One’s DRM is actually still there, and has been causing issues with Killer Instinct tournaments. It is however, a problem that’s being misreported. Xbox One DRM isn’t killing Killer Instinct.

Are you a part of this huge Dota 2 tournament?

Back in June, we told you about Orena, a new organization aimed at organizing and hosting eSports tournaments. Well, they are starting their Dota 2 Cup next week, and it is huge!

These are the country’s best Gears of War players

This weekend played host to the very last matches in Xbox South Africa’s Gears of War:Judgment tournament, crowning champions in both the lone wolf and clan categories. These are the country’s top Gears of War players.

Don’t cross the (Gears of War) streams!

I actually spent a fair bit of my Saturday evening watching the Gears of War: Judgment tournament’s live streams, and I have to say I’m really quite impressed with the level of play some of our Gears of War players have. I’m equally impressed with Microsoft’s tournament hosting skills with livestreams, and as impressed with the shoutcasting, which comes courtesy of Megarom’s marketing motormouth Devon Stanton – and our own fuzzy wookiee of love, Garth.

The Call of Duty Championships – Day 1 results

This was it. The first of its kind event, and South Africa had a front row seat to not only observe, but to kick some sizeable amounts of ass as well. It was a day of excitement, exhilaration, hope and opportunity. Here’s it all went down.

Get ready for Lazygamer’s first Dota 2 LAN tournament

Dota 2 teams assemble! We’re going to be hosting a Dota 2 LAN tournament this April for pro teams and mixed teams, with R10, 000 cash prizes up for grabs!

Are you good at Gears of War?

Now that Gears of War: Judgment is actually out and you’ve all been playing the really good Survival and Overrun modes, perhaps with a dash of free-for-all – perhaps now is the time to try and entice more of you to join Xbox South Africa’s upcoming Gears of War Tournament. Kicking off next month (giving you time to brush up on those Gnasher skills), the tournament gives you the opportunity to win some pretty awesome prizes.

So who’s going to win this event tomorrow?

There’s a test match tomorrow, so in true South African style we need to put our predictions forward and place non-binding bets on who is going to walk away with the knowledge that they represented the better eSporting country.

Ready your body for the Gears of War: Judgment Tournament!

Xbox South Africa is bringing you yet another tournament of awesome. They’ll be hosting the first Gears of War: Judgment Tournament in the country and the prizes are pretty damn awesome.