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Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 16 Mar 2015

You love it on TV. You’ve realised that the original comic book source material is far better (which I have a hard time convincing Gavin of) and you’ve played the game which most likely set your heart beating like a dubstep track when you had to make some tough choices. Well, prepare for even more Walking Dead action when a new game arrives to take that license for a spin. Payday developer Overkill are currently working on the latest Walking Dead game, and it looks like that particular game will share plenty of influence with their previous bank-robbing shenanigans.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 17 Feb 2015

You know what’s better than a new game? A cheap game. Because yes, not everyone has upwards of R800 or more to throw down on a new game, money which could be better spent on food or more alcohol to help me actually drown the memory of the time that I spent that much cash on a game that I didn’t actually like. F***ing Brink. Never again, never again dammit. Moving on, Xbox is bringing back their Ultimate Sale from tomorrow, according to a leak. Here’s what you can find, for cheap cheap.

Posted by Matthew Figueira - 03 Oct 2014

If Telltale’s The Walking Dead series proved anything, it’s that story really can be more important than gameplay – at least in my opinion. The narrative of both seasons was just so engaging. It made players really think about the toughest of choices, often leaving them wondering if they made the right one in the end. The games have been available on many platforms for a while now, and will finally be available on next generation consoles later this month.

Posted by Matthew Figueira - 29 Aug 2014

The Walking Dead Season 2 took a damn long time to reach its conclusion, not because of the actual story, but thanks to the delay between each episodic release. The first episode was released way back in December 2013 for PC, while the conclusion landed just earlier this week. I finished the tale last night, and I’m here to tell you if it’s a story worth living.

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 22 Aug 2014

I’ll admit; I haven’t been keeping up with the second season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead adventure. It’s not because it’s boring or worse than the first season, but mostly because I was far too busy enjoying The Wolf Among Us when episodes were being released for both. So no, I haven’t watched the last trailer for The Walking Dead, but that doesn’t mean you can’t.

Posted by Zoe Hawkins - 12 Aug 2014

I enjoyed Remember Me. It was an interesting premise with some cool aspects of gameplay that was ultimately flawed and disappointing. However, it really could have been awesome, and Square Enix might just be launching a new IP that will do what Remember Me should have. But are they doing the right thing?

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 06 Aug 2014

With Evolve joining a growing list of games who are now making 2015 the new 2014, you might be forgiven for thinking that October is now going to be an easier month for choosing games. You’d also be completely wrong, because October is still absolutely crazy with new releases.

Posted by Matthew Figueira - 28 Jul 2014

Telltale’s The Walking Dead series is pretty well established now. The first season received critical praise from many. While I don’t quite understand all the game of the year awards, it was a great game nonetheless and I really enjoyed it. The second season is nearing its conclusion, with just one outstanding episode. Looks like a third season is on the way too.

Posted by Matthew Figueira - 02 Jul 2014

I’ve really grown fond of Telltale and their Walking Dead games. I love ruining peoples lives with my horrible decisions, its survival of the fittest after all! If you’re a fan like myself, you can rejoice, because the next instalment in the episodic game has some sort of release date.

Posted by Zoe Hawkins - 23 May 2014

I still remember the days before I had Steam. I used to share an account with my husband, so I never saw all the sales, didn't get those emails saying that games in my wish list were on sale. Now, I have to practice all the self control, because I could easily buy far too many awesome games, especially at these prices.

Posted by Zoe Hawkins - 12 Mar 2014

 I've been skeptical about Telltale Games' Tales from the Borderlands. Sure, the art style will fit, but how were they gonna take a gun happy game like Borderlands and turn it into a point-and-click choose-your-own-death game? Well, they have a plan, and it actually seems like it could be interesting.

Posted by Matt Buckley - 21 Feb 2014

Along with a new screenshot, the official Telltale Games Twitter account has tweeted out a release window for Episode Two of The Walking Dead Season Two. Brace for feels in early March, and look for a trailer sooner than that.

Posted by Zoe Hawkins - 03 Feb 2014

Telltale Games now has two episodic games in the wild with only one episode each. The Wolf Among Us gets its second episode tomorrow, while The Walking Dead is teased to be just around the corner - like a walker? Check out all this twitter teasing.

Posted by Zoe Hawkins - 20 Jan 2014

Darryn likes to disparage TellTale Games' The Walking Dead, calling it a "choose your own death" game. You guys know I love the game, and now it is being used for more than just awesome entertainment - it's teaching school kids lessons.

Posted by Zoe Hawkins - 07 Jan 2014

Love it or hate it, Telltale Games' approach to interactive story-telling combined with choose your own adventure decision making is here to stay. Some may argue that it isn't compelling gameplay, yet popular demand and appreciation seems to prove otherwise. I fully enjoyed The Walking Dead Season One, and so far it seems that Season Two will be equally addictive and compelling. I'm avoiding any spoilers for Season One and Two for those who haven't played it, so if you still need to play the game (and really, you should) you can carry on reading without "the fear".