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Microsoft’s Xbox One digital game sharing to return?

When Microsoft first announced its Xbox One, the console was a DRM nightmare. The thing would required a persistent internet connection , and would phone home to Microsoft every 24 hours to make sure your digital game licences were valid. One of the benefits of this cumbersome DRM was that it would enable Xbox one users to share their digital libraries. The entire idea was hailed as idiotic..right until Steam announced something similar. The axed feature could make a return.

Steam in-home streaming available to all

I was in the Steam in-home streaming beta, and it was like a glimpse in to the future. Naturally, it had mixed results and is entirely dependent on your home network, but i was able to stream my steam games from my desktop, to my underpowered laptop connected to my TV, and have it all be rather playable. It’s now out of beta, so you all get to try it too!

Oculus Rift founder thinks VR will replace TV

I’m cautiously optimistic about the new virtual reality revolution. I’ve had some eyeballs-on time with the Rift, and while it wasn’t quite there it was an interesting experience. With Sony set to introduce its own virtual reality headset targeted at its consoles, maybe this time the fad will actually catch on. Oculus rift founder Palmer Luckey believes it’ll do more than just catch on. In the future, he posits, it will replace TV’s entirely.

Kinect could play your theme song

I have such mixed feelings about the Kinect. I honestly do think it's the closest thing to "future tech" that we have right now - voice and gesture commands are pretty cool. However, the big brother concern is always prevalent. If I had a theme song, that might just make it all better.

Epic’s working on a new IP

Back before Epic first showed off their fancy new Unreal Engine 4, they did a demo of version 3.5 of their Engine at GDC 2011, via a rather impressive Samaritan demo.  At GDC this year, the engine purveyor confirmed that it’s working on yet another new IP – and indications point to it being based, at least in part, on that Samaritan demo.

Microsoft to debut DirectX 12 at GDC

Love it or hate it, but Microsoft’s DirectX API is what makes most of your PC games run. It’s also the reason most PC gamers are still sticking with windows, despite pushes from companies like Valve to get them to embrace the penguin. that battle rages on, as Microsoft plans to unveil its latest iteration of DirectX at this year’s GDC.

The Xbox One is going to get better

Right now, the Xbox One’s system software isn’t quite as fluid and functional as it should be. Its friends, party and chat system is effectively broken, and the standalone apps that replace basic, intrinsic functionality that users were accustomed to on the Xbox 360 make things slower and more cumbersome than they should rightly be. It’s going to get better.

These are the things you can say to your Xbox One

The Xbox One is out in the US tomorrow, and one of its central pillars is that fact that you can talk to it, pretending its HAL 9000. While your Xbox One won't ultimately try and kill you, it will respond to a number of voice commands, removing that herculean nuisance of actually having to press buttons.  Here’s a list of all the things you can ask your Xbox to do.

Carmack: In five years, PC will be ten times as powerful

Speaking about the future of gaming at a recent Nvidia event, tech guru John Carmack has predicted that PC gaming technology will grow in leaps and bounds over the next five years, leaving consoles eating dust. This, of course, is not really news – and is really just Moore’s Law. Carmack’s predictions are interesting nonetheless.

The PlayStation 5 will be in “the cloud”

There have been endless debates over whether or not consoles as we know them are dead, and if the new consoles coming from Microsoft and Sony will be the last. Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada certainly thinks that’s the way it’s going – saying that in the future, the Ps5 will be  service hosted in the cloud.

FFD: What’s the next big thing?

Now that he game that people have been waiting for 5 years to play, Grand Theft Auto V is out it’s time to look to the future. Once GTA’s done and dusted, something has to rise up and lead the hype.

FFD: Are you at all excited for the next generation?

It’s starting to look like the next generation of consoles already won’t be able to keep up to up to PC’s when it comes to graphics. Even then, looking at them, do they really look “next gen?”

AMD: Next-gen consoles not just PC’s in a box

The specs of the next consoles from Sony and Microsoft both use bits of AMD hardware that have very similar PC analogues, leading many to believe that the next generation consoles are little more than mid-range PC’s in a fancy branded box. That would be silly thinking, says AMD.

Xbox One controller can be used on your PC…in the future

Darryn’s already given you a rundown, via video, of the new features and technical wizardry that’s gone in to the new Xbox One controller. What he hasn’t detailed though, is just how it’ll work on a PC. Right now, the wired Xbox 360 is pretty much the de facto PC controller. The Xbox One controller wont be coming in a wired configuration this time.

Graphics “indistinguishable from reality " in 10 years

But that doesn’t mean they’ll “feel” real. Speaking at Develop, Epic’s Tim Sweeny is pretty confident that we’ll have graphics that look like real life within the next decade