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Tales from the Borderlands tells two stories

 I've been skeptical about Telltale Games' Tales from the Borderlands. Sure, the art style will fit, but how were they gonna take a gun happy game like Borderlands and turn it into a point-and-click choose-your-own-death game? Well, they have a plan, and it actually seems like it could be interesting.

Telltale teases Walking Dead and Wolf Among us

Telltale Games now has two episodic games in the wild with only one episode each. The Wolf Among Us gets its second episode tomorrow, while The Walking Dead is teased to be just around the corner - like a walker? Check out all this twitter teasing.

The Wolf Among Us gets red band trailer

The Wolf will be Among Us beginning of February

I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode of The Wolf Among Us from Telltale Games. I'm not ashamed to admit it - I'm developing quite a crush on Bigby Wolf. After a long wait between episodes, Telltale has announced that the wolf is coming.

The Walking Dead Season Two Preview: Tell Tales of Survival

Love it or hate it, Telltale Games' approach to interactive story-telling combined with choose your own adventure decision making is here to stay. Some may argue that it isn't compelling gameplay, yet popular demand and appreciation seems to prove otherwise. I fully enjoyed The Walking Dead Season One, and so far it seems that Season Two will be equally addictive and compelling. I'm avoiding any spoilers for Season One and Two for those who haven't played it, so if you still need to play the game (and really, you should) you can carry on reading without "the fear".

Tequila behind Telltale’s collaboration with Gearbox

Tequila often leads to strange pairings, as any bartender or bar fly can attest. However, at last year's Spike VGAs, it helped bring Telltale Games and Gearbox together, eventually leading to that strange love child that will be Tales from the Borderlands.

The Wolf Among Us Preview: This Fable is Legendary

After earning numerous awards for The Walking Dead, Telltale Games became something of a household name among gamers. Sure, it's sort of a point-and-click adventure mixed with dialogue choices, yet it goes so far beyond that in terms of story and characters. It's no wonder that people were excited when they heard that Telltale was turning their attention to the much enjoyed graphic novel series, Fables.

Season 2 of the Walking Dead starts this year

As far as games go, I’ve got to be honest and admit that I didn’t think that much of The Walking Dead. As far as stories go however, Telltale Games managed to craft something spectacular with that episodic series where not having your flesh dined upon by zombies was a priority. Time for season two of those games to kick things up a notch.

Indie Zoe: Raider of the Lost News (26 September 2013)

I'm a bad hipster - sure, I've got Mac products, but I don't have skinny jeans or any ironic eye wear. Maybe I should start wearing my Gunnars to boost my street cred, but I'm not sure my brain can take it. Oh well, at least I've still got love for the indies - here's all the indie news of the week!

The next Telltale Games project is Fables

It’s good to be Telltale Games right now. After hitting all the right chords with some nostalgic new takes on Sam & Max, as well as Monkey Island, the studio then received too damn much praise for their adaptation of The Walking Dead. And while a second season is on the way for that hit series, they’ll also be tackling some fairy tales soon, as they adapt Fables into a new set of games.

Your decisions from Walking Dead season 1 may survive into season 2

If there’s one thing that I have learnt from playing The Walking Dead episodic quick-time event, it’s that I am a horrible, horrible person. Even though I insist that using Clementine as a strap-on zombie shield would have been brilliant. Decisions made in that game carried weight, and with a sequel on the cards, Telltale Games is looking to carry the impact of those choices, into season two.

8.5 Million Walking Dead episodes served

Telltale’s take on the Walking Dead is excellent, and one of last year’s most compelling video game experiences. It’s elevated storytelling within the medium of videogames beyond a level many thought possible – and if you’ve managed to play through the entirety of the first season without some emotional stirring, you’re either a psychopath, or dead. To wit, it’s really bloody good, and it shows in the sales figures.

Telltale Games’ ‘The Walking Dead’ and the Power of Storytelling

The Zombie Apocalypse has already happened, only not a way any of us really expected: It's spread from games to comics, from films to TV series.

[Obligatory spoiler warning]

The Walking Dead hits iOS tomorrow

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead TV series and aren’t stuck with an Android device that some twit convinced you to buy because it had more power instead of actual uses then today we have some great news for you as Telltale games have announced that their first Walking Dead title will land on iTunes tomorrow.

TellTale wants to bring a Spielberg feel to their Jurassic Park game

When it comes to gaming and movies, you’d be hard pressed to find a developer as dedicated to the medium as TellTale Games. The studio went all out for their episodic Back to the Future games, emphasising key aspects of the classic film trilogy into their adaptation, and now they’re looking at designing their version of Jurassic Park to feature some iconic “Spielberg moments”.