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Aliens suit is “frivolous” and “without merit”

As we told you yesterday, SEGA and Gearbox are set to find themselves in court over a class-action suit that claims they misrepresented the game, and ended up delivering a product that was substantially worse than the one advertised. This isn’t a bold claim; it’s plain and simple fact. Still, the defendants claim the suit is “frivolous.”


Iron Man toys are a dime a dozen. I can’t even walk into a Pick n Pay these days without seeing a certain armoured avenger and his Movember face. But a toy based on the villainous Obadiah Stane and his armoured getup from the first film? That’s rarer than the word “compound” on a SABC news report. But finally, for anyone who has always wanted to own a big Lebowski action figure, that was bald and smothered in armour, here it is!