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Thief developer lays off staff

While we’re busy reporting on all the happy news, Deus Ex: human Revolution and Thief developer  Eidos Montreal has confirmed its laid off a number of staff. 27 of its 500 strong workforce has ben let go.

Sony Santa Monica lays off staff

The first-party studio known for its work on God of War and collaborations on numerous other Sony games like Journey, The Order:1886, Warhawk and more has confirmed that it’s been subject to a bout of layoffs.

Digital Taxation: It’s happening

By now, you’ve all probably heard very much about the news that the government plans to implement taxation on digital purchases made from within South Africa. Yes, your government wants even more of your money. It is unfortunately true, and as of April 1, if government gets its way both physical and digital goods you buy online will be subject to the 14% VAT we already pay on everything.

Looks like the 3DS is open to piracy

Nintendo’s 3DS started off slow, but it’s recently seen a global surge, thanks to great games like Luigi’s Mansion 2, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner - Soul Hackers and my favourite game at the moment, Fire Emblem: Awakening. the surge in sales means a lot more 3rd party support – which means more great games for you. But now, there’s a spanner in the works – as it seems like somebody’s got a flashcart running on the 3DS, running downloaded ROMS.

THQ auctioned off; Assets divided

Yesterday the video game industry, like vultures circling a soon-to-be-corpse, swopped in to snatch up bits and pieces of THQ and its properties in  an auction. Here’s who got which properties.

Wait a minute…GTA V’s going to cost how much?

If there’s a single franchise whose games cause the world to fly in to a frenzy – whether they’re in to gaming or not, it’s Grand Theft Auto. The game’s coming some time next year – but if you're in South Africa, expect to pay a heck of a lot for it.

Audience chants for LAN when StarCraft II tournament goes wrong

The original StarCraft is still one of the most played LAN games today. Blizzard’s decision to strip the option for play over local area networks, and have the game rely on its online Battle.net was a controversial one that, until people actually played StarCraft II and realised just how damned good it was, split the fanbase.

It was a decision that was largely made to combat piracy (under the guise of persistent matchmaking), and one that’s now bitten them in the ass.

Diablo III delayed to next year. Surprised?

Diablo III delayed to next year. Surprised?

Diablo III’s closed beta is currently underway - our own Nick is busy with it and you can expect his impressions soon. You might imagine that the game would be nearing release, and that you’d be able to join in the click frenzy this year as Blizzard intended.

I’m afraid not, Diablo fans - as the game’s been delayed to early 2012.

Ubisoft backtracks on Driver San Francisco’s PC DRM. Sort of.

I am not a fan of obnoxious, draconian, intrusive DRM - and always on internet connections are one of the most egregious ways to perpetrate the sort of DRM that gets right up my nose. A certain Ubisoft game set on a lush  jungle island has an obviously crazy person stating that “Insanity is doing the exact same fucking thing over and over and over again, expecting shit to change."

Well, the suits at Ubisoft are obviously insane, because they saddled Driver San Francisco on the PC with the same always-on DRM that caused uproar with Assassin’s Creed 2, expecting people to just shut up and take it. They didn’t. Ubisoft has now said they listened to the vociferous community and fixed Driver’s DRM - but closer inspection reveals that they bloody well haven’t.

Rumour : Rockstar won’t publish Team Bondi’s next game

It seems the workplace controversy surrounding Team Bondi’s recently released blockbuster L.A Noire isn’t ending any time soon. Following last month's allegations over less than pleasant working conditions at the Sydney-based developer comes word – from anonymous ex Bondi staffers – that relations between Rockstar and Team Bondi have soured past the point of reconciliation.

It means Rockstar won’t be publishing Team Bondi’s next game – putting a sequel to the revolutionary 1940’s crime thriller in jeopardy.

The Final Word : Infinity Ward on Modern Warfare 2 Dedicated Servers

The Final Word : Infinity Ward on Modern Warfare 2 Dedicated Servers


The recent announcement that the PC version of Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 would be forgoing the use – or even allowance - of dedicated servers, favouring a console-style matchmaking system dubbed IWNet, has been met with a less-than-enthusiastic response from gamers.

People have bitched and moaned, started petitions, cancelled orders and threatened with boycott. Well, Infinity Ward have heard your pleas…