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The intro movie and alternative outfits of Ultra Street Fighter 4

Ken you match my beats I don’t so cause I’mma stretch my skills fo’ Shoryuken! I’m a lean mean Bison with a psycho machine, I cheat like Seth hopped up on meth and I don’t Zangief a f***! So prepare to rock ‘n Rolento as I lay down some pain like Poison in her stilettos!

It’s Penis Fighter in this Ryu vs Ken rap battle

Ryu and Ken. Lifelong rivals who happen to be the best damn pair of Shoryuken punch spammers around. Of course, they’re friends first, but much like everything else in life when it comes to men, there’s something that they can’t help but battle over. The size of their Hadouken.

Street Fighter and Twitch unite for the Capcom Pro Tour

Start training your thumbs with various exercises while playing Eye of the tiger on an infinite loop, because Capcom and Twitch are tag-teaming to start a year-long Street Fighter league.

Sesame Street Fighter teaches you to type

Remember when we did those awesome game mashups that you'll never see? We had a very special form of Street Fighter, FIFA Street Fighter, that would probably show more dives than we can imagine. Here is an even stranger mashup that you can actually play - and it's educational, sort of.

Kickin’ – Tsumi unveils new Street Fighter collectibles

Look at your shelf. It’s empty. It needs some love, in the way that only material goods can satisfy. Time to fill that shelf space with plenty of figures. And we’ve got two fine lookin’ Street Fighter figures right here to show you.

These unknown Street Fighter II facts are amazing

I can’t think of anyone alive these days that has not played Street Fighter II. It’s just one of those games that happens to have such a massive legacy. And if you happen to be the kind of person who devours Street Fighter tidbits, then these development tales from yesteryear might surprise you.

Celebrate 25 years of Street Fighter with this documentary

Did you have plans for tonight? Well cancel them, because you’ve got something better to do instead. Grab a blanket, pop some corn in the microwave and sit your ass down. Because we’re celebrating 25 years of Street Fighter tonight.

What if Disney Princesses were Capcom fighters?

Well it’d make for one interesting fighting promotion, that’s for sure. While I go slip on a Don King wig and prepare to mangle the English language further with tales of Fisticular violencia played over feminetti free for all martial artarchy, check out these mock-ups of Disney princess below who are spoilin’ for a fight.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 will be more than just new characters

Street Fighter 4 re-releasing itself almost every year now has become a joke on par with that of a Peter Molyneux over-promise. We’ve already had Super and Arcade Edition variants that tweaked the gameplay. And now we have Ultra Street Fighter 4 on the way. But don’t expect the game to be just another instance of slapping DLC together and selling it as a new package.

Street Fighter’s Ono doesn’t want to stop the series at four

Fighting games are once again a popular genre, and you can thank Street Fighter 4 for that. The game resuscitated the genre with a life-saving hadouken back in 2008. So where’s the inevitable sequel? According to overworked Street Fighter big cheese Yoshinoro Ono, he’d love to have another proper Street Fighter game out. But that requires a ton of cash.

This Sagat cosplay will Tiger uppercut your jaw off the floor

Street Fighter has plenty of characters, and even more sequels, in its long-running existence, but most of the time people are content to cosplay a few old familiars. And then you get some kickass crossplay which doesn’t just match the original, it tiger uppercuts it out of the stage.

Relive the grand finals of EVO 2013 right here

You can take your Curry Cup Rugby and heat it up for leftovers, because when it comes to SPERTS tournaments, I’m only interested in the annual EVO competition. This year saw plenty of gamers head to Los Vegas and mix things up and prove that they’re better than you in fighting games. So sit back, relax and enjoy some of the best grand finals ever played at EVO.

Here’s your fighting schedule for Evo 2013

Fists! Legs! Hadoukens! While Starcraft, Call of Duty and Battlefield may dominate the esports scene right now, it’s the Evo tournament that really brings gamers together for one massive brawl for it all. Last year was a nail-biter with some of the closest matches in the fighting genre being played. Will this year be any different?

Watch this guy fight his hand with his art

In this video called Maker vs Marker, watch a rotoscoped Akuma from Street Fighter-like dude take on the artist’s on hand in a fight to death. Made by YouTube artist Jonny Lawrence (Sweep the leg!), it’s a little like Super Smash Bros’ Master Hand vs Street Fighter. And it’s amazing. Just watch!

You’ll probably never play Darkstalkers 4

Capcom’s Darkstalkers is one of those odd franchises. Its inception came about to capitalise on the immense popularity of fighting games in the nineties, but failed to really catch on anywhere other than Asia. It has, however, since become a bit of a cult hit, and many gamers have been waiting patiently for Darkstalkers 4. They could be waiting forever.