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Steelseries Sensei Wireless mouse reviewed

Being primarily a console gamer, it’s been a while since I needed a proper gaming mouse; my R80 Logitech has been serving me well for my day to day business needs. However, with some top tier PC titles being released in the near future I jumped at the chance to review the Steelseries Sensei Wireless Laser mouse.

The most powerful gaming laptop is nearly here

Gaming laptops suffer from an identity crisis. On the one hand, they want to be portable devices that aren’t insanely heavy to carry around. On the other, they want to deliver the type of performance that is required to run the latest and greatest games. The latest gaming laptop from MSI, however, knows exactly what it is.

Hardware failing? Step-Up your game with Steelseries

If you’re an avid PC gamer, your input peripherals will more than likely be something high up on your priority list in terms of important hardware. Gamers always want the best, hardware that not only does its job properly, but looks the part too. Think your gear needs an upgrade?

E3 2014 – New SteelSeries tech will make you better at gaming

We all try to get better at the games we enjoy. Some people go online to read strategy guides, other people practice for hours on end. However, SteelSeries has some eye tracking technology that might give gamers some new tools.

SteelSeries H Wireless Review

We already raved to you about the glory that is the SteelSeries Siberia Elite headset. As a result, I jumped at the chance to review the SteelSeries H Wireless Gaming Headset and my ears have been thanking me ever since.

SteelSeries also sponsoring DGL

I'm loving these sponsorship announcements for the DGL. It seems like they are getting all the big names to sign on with fantastic prizes. The good people over at SteelSeries are the latest to announce their support for the DGL, sweetening the pot for Dota 2 players.

SteelSeries looks you in the eye with Tobii EyeX

Pro-gamers have a ridiculous amount of mental agility. To make hundreds of accurate clicks per second and all that - it's pretty impressive. Now, SteelSeries is teaming up with Tobii to bring gaze-tracking technology to the equation, and it's seriously futuristic. But it's not just for eSports - you can even use your eyes in Skyrim.

SteelSeries Apex Keyboard Reviewed

When SteelSeries asked if I wanted to review their fancy new Apex keyboard I absolutely jumped at the idea. I’ve never reviewed a keyboard before and this one has lights and extra buttons and everything so this should be a lot of fun.

Why SteelSeries has its eye on SA

Steel Series has shown its commitment to South African eSports for a while now, particularly by sponsoring our local teams. Now, they've upped the game!

kalahari is having a SteelSeries sale and I have a question for you specifically, yes you reading this right now

I bought myself a new laptop a little while back and within the first week my lovely, beautiful and clumsy wife spilled her Hunters Dry all over it destroying the keyboard. So I went out and bought the cheapest keyboard I could find and it is so loud it is driving me crazy.

SteelSeries Apex [RAW] Review – [RAW]R baby!

The SteelSeries Apex [Raw] is the Apex’s less flashy baby brother, but don’t count it out. It’s one smooth sun of a gun with lots to offer. It’s the more affordable version of the Apex, and yes, yes it does make a huge difference in gameplay.

Steelseries QCK Heavy mouse pad review – Table smothering rubber

We all (should) have one. That surface that your shiny mouse sits on to avoid dust and grime and to give you smooth, even handling. But sometimes we neglect the mousepad: after forking out for high quality peripherals, your wallet might be screaming at you to just use that R30 brandless thing that came with your very first mouse.

Steelseries Siberia v2 headset review

I noticed the other day that the prices of hardware get shoved right at the bottom of reviews, in tiny print, sometimes in white text that you only see if you highlight the article. Okay maybe not the last part, but it comes close. So let's try something else. Look at what R1300 R800 gets you:

Energy eSports on the hows, whats and whys of MGO’s

Energy eSports recently announced their launch as a Multi Gaming Organisation; we caught up with Kas ‘CAWA’ Ahmad to take a closer look at why they started, what they plan to achieve and just how awesome the right sponsors can be.

Steelseries Kana review – Lightweight champion

I find myself in a kind of love - hate relationship with the Kana mouse from Steelseries. I love the functionality, but don't quite love the design as much, although it has kind of grown on me.