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36% of all games bought on Steam are never played

The gaming backlog. We all have it, that pile of shame and neglect. Hell, I’ve got one that I’ve barely made a dent in since I started using Steam heavily a few years ago. In fact, I’ve only just started playing Company of Heroes, and I’ve had that game since THQ was alive. And it looks like I’m not the only person with some catching up to do.

Heartbleed also affects gaming sites

For some strange reason, despite being a big deal in internet security, the Heartbleed hole hasn't been getting much attention. You may not even know about it. But you should, because it also affected your gaming portals.

Indie Zoe: Raider of the Lost News (10 April 2014)

Some of the news in this article takes me back to August of last year, when Indie Zoe was still a new thing. Can you believe how time has gone screaming past? April is such a write-off of a month, and once it's over, we will be a third of the way through 2014. I suppose I'd better get to telling you the news, before life flashes before our eyes.

There’s a huge PSN Easter sale on

Whenever those Steam sales happen, the Pc folk go in to a buying frenzy while console gamers sit about, tapping their fingers on their desks. Good news for those of you on the PlayStation side of life; there’s a pretty huge Easter sale happening right now.

Review: FTL: Advanced Edition

How much is there to say about FTL at this point? If you already own it you already know how great it is. Being a fan of it, you would also know that the Advanced Edition is absolutely free to those who already own the main game. So it’s hard to really put a score to FTL and its... expansion? I guess it is an expansion. So this review will be an overview of FTL as a whole, and what Advanced Edition content adds to it.

[Update] You will need uPlay for PC Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs is almost upon us. While I will probably be opting to play it on console, I know plenty of you "Master Race" gamers will be downloading it through Steam. Unfortunately, Steam won't be the only thing you need to get your hands on the hacking adventure.

BroForce launches today on Steam Early Access

I’m a huge fan of the American ideal, not the American reality. And that’s the right to free speech and copious amounts of weapons. BroForce is all that, plus a heaping dose of Vitamin Baysplosion. And it launches today on Steam Early Access.

Watch_Dogs’ digital extras and PC specs confirmed

It’s 1 month, 3 weeks, 1 day and a few hours until Watch_Dogs is released. That’s what Steam says anyway. They’ve put the game up for digital pre-order , with two versions of the game available. In doing so, they’ve also confirmed the game’s PC specs – which are a little more detailed than the ones the game’s creative director, Jonathon Morin, revealed last month.

Age of Mythology: Expanded Edition arrives May 8

I’m still a die-hard fan of Age of Empires, and I dig occasionally starting a game and flooding an enemy base with Teutonic Knights, or as I like to call it, Ze Cherman attack Tommy. A spin-off of that franchise, Age of Mythology, was also pretty rad over a decade ago. And it’s back, with a few new upgrades.

Goat Simulator Review

What a match made in heaven, the only aussie writer on Lazygamer reviewing a game where you play as an insane goat.

Watch Dogs on PC skipping uPlay?

One of the worst things about playing Ubisoft’s otherwise excellent PC games is that they’re saddled with that blasted uPlay nonsense. It’s especially egregious when the digital versions of those games are purchased through Steam – causing both bits of DRM to hog up memory. South Park: The Stick of Truth abandoned uPlay on the PC, and rumour suggests Watch Dogs may do the same, by using Steam.

The Batman Arkham games are 75% off this weekend

Because these are the gaming deals that the public deserves, but not the one it actually needs right now when there’s work to be done around the house. So we'll hunt down some deals. Because we can take it. Because these are not just hero games. A watchful bargain, a silent discount on the Dark Knight games.

Razer climbing on the Virtual Reality bandwagon?

As you already know by now, Oculus VR has been acquired by the evil overlords at Facebook, sending some in to a state of shock, others in to one of anger and revulsion, and others, like Mojang’s Notch, running for the hills. We also know that Sony’s working on its own VR tech, currently codenamed Project Morpheus. There may be a new challenger in the Virtual Reality Arena: Razer.

Steam prices are about to rise in the UK, just like here

It wasn’t that long back that everyone had a bit of a scare when the government revealed it would be taxing online digital sales from the 1st of April this year. The community went nuts, blamed the ANC for being thieves and quickly stated they wouldn’t be paying it.

PlayStation the new indie game curator

Mike Bithell shot to indie development fame following the success of his game, Thomas Was Alone. Now, just a couple of tweets or raw gameplay footage of his new project, Volume, can become gaming news. But what are his thoughts for newcomers? Is Steam still the way to go, or has the tide turned towards consoles?