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Bad at StarCraft II? Don’t cheat, you will be banned!

Starcraft II is probably the only game I have ever played that makes me stress a little bit too much. Why you ask? Oh, no reason… I just have to expand my base, make sure my resource income is up to speed, build units, attack the enemy, make sure the enemy doesn’t destroy me, tech up my units, expand some more, restock my army numbers, and… GAH TOO MUCH! There is some serious skill required to be great at the game, resulting in some inevitable cheating. Blizzard have always monitored unusual activity, but they detail exactly how they manage cheating in their latest blog post.

Swedish politicians battle it out in StarCraft

Oh Sweden, you do so many things right. Paid maternity leave for what, a year? And paternity leave. And the government will pay for you to have a day at the spa because, you know, you need to relax. Now, politicians are settling their differences in an eSports match, just in time for elections.

Blizzard updates Starcraft II, Diablo III and opens up Hearthstone

What is it about Blizzard games that have such an appeal? Are we all just nostalgic, or is there something really special about their design? Either way, they are upping their game and even giving you the opportunity to create the next Dota phenomenon.

Starcraft 2 showdown for Bitcoin prize

We've seen some impressive prize pools in eSports this year. All in all, it's been a good year to be a pro-athlete in eSports. Usually, the biggest money can be found in the MOBA, but now it looks like better people are looking at Starcraft, and using their weird betting currency.

First StarCraft 2 player officially recognised as an athlete by America

We all know that the most lucrative and successful eSports competitions occur in America and we also know that most of the really good StarCraft 2 players are based in Korea. This unfortunate situation has resulted in many of the highest paid gamers not being the best gamers.

Register now for 2014 DGL

2013 is winding down and we're all counting down the days until we skip out on work and frolic off on vacation. 2014 is almost here, and you can actually already register for next year's Do Gaming League!

Who came out on top at DreamHack and Orena’s Dota 2 Cup?

So, I told you about DreamHack happening over in Sweden this past weekend. The competitions have ended, so who are the winners? Meanwhile, Orena hosted one of the largest Dota 2 tournaments in Africa this weekend.

StarCraft II Championship coming to an Internet near you

The MSSA has announced that the 2013 MWEB Online StarCraft II Championship will take place on 10 August 2013.  This championship may determine eligibility in national team trials, and you can even apply to be a shout-caster.

MLG won’t host StarCraft 2 North American World Championship Series

Alluding to some sort of issues with Blizzard, Major League Gaming has decided to end its connection with the World Championship Series (WCS) America.  They will finish out the WCS America Season 1, through to the end of Challenger League and Up/Down matches.

Record breaking DGL

It appears that eSports is really taking off in South Africa.  The 2013 Winter Leg registrations have closed and the Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) has seen record number of teams and players across a variety of games.

International eSports community has started training S.A StarCraft 2 players

Over the past couple of months we’ve really tried to inspire support, and help the local eSports scene where we can. It’s amazing to see that it’s actually made an impact to such an extent where our local gamers and the international community are collaborating.

Blizzard buys IGN Pro League’s assets

Blizzard has heard the masses and is making a big effort to get back in there with the competition on the eSports scene. For months games like League of Legends and Dota 2 have stolen the spotlight and many doubted whether StarCraft will once again be the ultimate eSports game. In an effort to get StarCraft 2 back on the map as a premier title; Blizzard has now purchased IGN’s Pro League technology and assets.

Watch the Starcraft 2: HotS Invitational right here

The much anticipated Startcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm invitational is currently underway and if you are in the Fourways area I recommend heading on down to experience it first hand. There is food and drink (cash bar) aplenty and the setup is amazing.

So who’s going to win this event tomorrow?

There’s a test match tomorrow, so in true South African style we need to put our predictions forward and place non-binding bets on who is going to walk away with the knowledge that they represented the better eSporting country.

What does the biggest gaming tournament in SA look like?

So you’re sitting there thinking why would you be interested in seeing a bunch of gamers playing SC2 against each other this weekend? Well if you are not a massive SC2 fan then that’s a pretty realistic question so let me tell you why I’m excited.