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Star Wars Battlefront may release closer to Episode VII

Star Wars Battlefront may be on the way, but it’s still going to be a long, long time before we get to play the game. And that could be because EA wants it to launch in time for the next cinematic chapter of Star Wars.

EA Kicks Off Their e3 Conference: Battlefront Development Shown Briefly

Remember that few second Star Wars Battlefront trailer we were shown last year? It was just that little snippet that got the world excited. This year, EA show off a small portion of the development behind the game.

Star Wars: Attack Squadrons cancelled

I don’t think anyone has experienced great space combat in gaming untile they’ve played at least one Star Wars game AND GET BACK IN YOUR HOLE STARLANCER!..Ahem. The Star Wars Rogue Squadron games are great examples of the genre, from PC all the way to the Gamecube. A new version of that revered genre was on the way to PC. Was.

EA to show off six new games at E3

A lot of games are getting announced in these weeks leading up to E3 - it's making me worried that the awesome reveal and surprise at the event will be diminished. However, EA will be showing off some new things - any guess as to what?

Nice coffee table – A lifesize Han Solo frozen in carbonite

I like to think that Lazygamer.net provides a healthy working environment, but chances are, anyone at any time can and will go psycho in our offices, forcing you to shoot first. And judging by the fact that we’ve had a freezing chamber installed for “beers”, our next red-shirted intern could suffer a cruel fate soon.

Star Wars game gets Uncharted co-writer

After getting pushed out of leaving Naughty Dog, Amy Hennig grabbed the cool job of creative director on Visceral Games' Star Wars game. Now, she seems to have picked up some new talent, teasing that there may be even more on the way.

Check out footage of LucasArts cancelled Darth Maul game

According to science, about roughly 87% of all Star Wars games have featured the sister-kissing hero of the Rebel Alliance, Luke Skywalker, in the lead role. That’s not bad, but there happen to be plenty of other characters who deserved a shot at having their own game. Like Darth Maul, who had a title in development that was tragically vivisected.

Uncharted’s Amy Hennig joins EA’s Star Wars project

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, one former writer and creative director of the Uncharted franchise decided to head back to EA to start work on a Star Wars game…

Star Wars to follow Arkham model

EA's Andrew Wilson has only been CEO for about six months now, but he still has a strong vision for the company. He wants to focus on making great games, regardless of platform. That said, he has a specific vision for new Star Wars games, and I like what he has to say.

I’d execute Order 66 for this Star Wars figure

I don’t think it’s possible to not enjoy some aspect of Star Wars. Whether you make voosh soosh sounds when you hold a stick and pretend to be a Jedi, or veg out on your couch and start speaking Huttese, there’s something for everyone. And for me, that’s cool Clone-Trooper collectibles.

Recommended Reading – Star Wars: Legacy

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a fantastic tale of a former Jedi relearning the ways of the Force and kicking ass in the process. That comic book series was called Star Wars: Legacy, and it was indeed strong in the Force.

There are Lightsabers in Disney infinity – if you have the cash

People have been worried since Disney acquired Star Wars that it would use the licence in ways intended to extract cash from fans. Worry no more, star Wars aficionados…because that’s exactly what they’re doing. 

Disney Infinity: Star Wars expansions and lay-off rumors

Disney has picked up some fantastic IP over the years, and the impressive sales figures for Disney Infinity last year just prove people's attachment to the brands. Rumors abound about new figures to be released, and some bad news for employees as well.

App Store rakes in $10 billion in 2013

Mobile gaming is huge. I think we sometimes forget just how many people play games on their phones, and fork out big money for the privilege of doing so. Apple has revealed that 2013 was their best ever year for the App Store, raking in a lot of money, usually $1 at a time.

Dark Horse comics hands over Star Wars to Marvel in 2015

It’s a well known fact that much like in gaming, adapting movies to comic books is something akin to watching a train wreck slowly. One comic book publisher that set the bar high though? Dark Horse comics, who made Star Wars comic books well worth reading and collecting. And it’s been a hell of a run for them.