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Drakengard 3 collector’s edition confirmed for Europe

It might not have the biggest following around, but Drakenguard certainly does have one of the more dedicated groups of fans in gaming. A third game arrives later this year, and of course, it’ll have a shiny special edition.

Square Enix wants to focus on core gamers and “heavy JRPGs” again

Over the last couple of years there’s been an idea in the gaming development industry, amongst the bigger players, that a game needs to hit as many checkpoints as possible in order to appeal to the widest audience. Sometimes that works. Most times, it fails. And that’s something that Square Enix has realised, as they shift focus in their gaming department.

One more thing: Murdered: Soul Suspect gets a new trailer, concept art and limited edition

It was a cold night in a hot town. Geoff peered at me through the window of my office, which was weird because I was on the fifth floor. He told me of a game that needed some work done on it, as I sipped from my Jem and the Holograms vodka glass and felt truly outrageous. A game by the name of Murdered: Soul Suspect, which was going to be available in limited edition stock…

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Review Round-up

I remember the day that I first saw Final Fantasy X. It looked good! This was in the day of bulky 480p TV screens, but hell, the game looked stunning back then. And then Auron spoke, which was something that I had never seen in a Final Fantasy game. Years later, it’s still a great game, and possibly even better with an HD sheen to it. Here’s what the critics have to say.

And finally, Tomb Raider reboot “exceeds expectations”

I loved last year’s reboot of Tomb Raider, giving us a somewhat more realistic take on everyone’s favourite adventuring archaeologist. Despite its critical acclaim, after that game’s original release it was deemed a failure by its own publisher, Square Enix. They said, of it’s 3.4 million first month sales that it had failed to meet expectations. Now, thanks to the higher-definition re-release they finally seem happy.

Deux Ex: The Fall heads to PC

One of my favourite games of the last couple of years, has been Deus Ex: Human Revolution. A flawed masterpiece, but a gorgeous one at that, it was exactly the kind of game that got me and gave me a great experience. Since then, work on Deus Ex has been quiet. There’s scant details on Deux Ex: Universe, but there is Deus Ex: The Fall. Which is now headed to PC.

Here we go again: Thief at 1080p on PS4, 900p on Xbox One

This is turning into a bit more than a series of isolated incidents. The number of games in which the PlayStation 4 outpaces the Xbox One in native resolution is continuing to grow. The latest entry in Resolution Gate is the upcoming Thief reboot, which will reportedly run at 1080p natively on Sony’s console while Microsoft’s version will run at 900p.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII review round up

There are a great many people rather excited for the next episode in the drawn out Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy subseries. I am, as I’ve pointed out numerous times in the past not one of them. If you’re one of the many straddling the fence about it, here’s a collection of the critical consensus for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII that could just sway your opinion.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Review

Ever since Crystal Dynamics got their hands on the Tomb Raider franchise back in the mid-2000s, they’ve been cranking out some solid games in that franchise. Solid, but hardly legendary. 2013 however, resulted in a total reboot of the series that got the formula down perfectly, creating a new foundation for the franchise that was enthusiastically welcomed and appreciated.

Square Enix is back in black

Square Enix will always have a soft spot in my heart - I will always associate them with all the JRPGs I loved in my younger days. Last year, they lost a ton of money and went through some major restructuring, and now it seems to be paying off. Let's hope this leads to come more games for us to love.

Murdered: Soul Suspect heads to Xbox One

One game that I’m eagerly anticipating, has to be Murdered: Soul Suspect. It’s less action, more mystery and the entire hook about solving your own death and navigating through the dangers of limbo has my attention. It’s earmarked for PC and current-gen systems at the moment. And now, Xbox One as well.

Lightning Returns retro recap looks better than the actual game

I cannot contain my indifference for Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns. I enjoyed a great deal of Final Fantasy XIII and its cleverer-than-you-think paradigm shift battle system and Final Fantasy XIII-2 is one of the best games in the series in ages, but I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with the entire Fabula Nova Crystallis saga. Plus Vanille’s in it, and if I have to hear her any more I may just have to defenestrate myself…even if she has got a funny new hat. And yet, this recap of the events so far is utterly charming.

A new Square Enix in 2014

Square-Enix had what they believe was a disappointing year in 2013m, despite having some of the year’s best (but not best selling) games. There’s been a bit of a management shuffle at Square recently – but the company’s changing more than just its management structure. Square Enix’s European CEO Phil Rogers says more than job titles have changed.

No Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for PC

Tomb Raider’s getting a new, extra polished definitive edition in the way of a next-gen console version. PC Gamers will happily tell you that they’ve been playing the definitive version of the new(ish) Tomb Raider reboot since the game first came out. they’re wrong – and they won’t be getting the extra shiny version either.

Has the next-gen Hitman game been cancelled?

It may have gotten a ton of flak from purists, but honestly, Hitman: Absolution was a damn fine game overall. That was in 2012, and since then, Agent 47 has kept a discreet and low profile. So low in fact, that the next game in that series may have been cancelled. With extreme prejudice