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Persona 5 and three Persona 4 spin-offs arrive in 2014

Hey! Do you like Persona? Do you yearn for more of that Atlus developed anime action, but find your store shelves empty of any new games from that universe? Well good news everyone! A ton of Persona games are headed straight for your face! Exclamation marks!

Tell BioWare what you want to see in a new Mass Effect game

Hey, remember that other big budget game that came out this year? The one wherein I had a dangerously stalker-level attachment to that one character who dresses in skin-tight clothing and wears a gas-mask? Mass Effect 3 came out months ago already, and despite some issues with the final act, the game was damn good overall. The Reaper threat is finally over, sort of, and it’s time to look to the future, according to executive producer Casey Hudson.